Apple iPod Nano – The Trendy Compactness

2/15/2013 6:22:38 PM

With amazingly slimness, light weight and long runtime, iPod Nano is a reliable MP3 player despite the high price.

iPod Nano is no longer square-shaped. The latest version’s shape is an extra slim rectangular plate which is quite short, making it more suitable than its square-shaped predecessor. The device’s 2 ½ in touch-screen is a multi-pointing type, and iPod mandatorily has Bluetooth, thus you can use a wireless headphone. The whole unit is only 5.4mm thick and 31g heavy, hence you can stick it to any place. There’s no clip in the back so it is not as much suitable for sport lovers as the previous version. However, most users will be satisfied with advanced movie-playback powered by wide-angle 240x432pixel resolution.

The touchscreen allows you to switch between menu screens listing large icons. It even goes with wallpapers that match iPod’s theme. Unlike iPod Touch, you can’t install apps. The first menu offers shortcuts for music, videos, podcast and photos, with Nike Fitness app and radio tuner. In the second screen, you will find a watch, settings shortcut and access to your audiobooks.

Besides common categories: playlist, singer, song, album, genre…, you also can use Apple Genius to compose a playlist with the song being played or create a playlist based on iTunes analysis of your interest, but you have to activate the feature in desktop iTunes first. iTunes itself went through changes by simplifying and arranging its interface neatly, plus removing some common features.

Cover Flow is the biggest feature that disappeared, but sidebar will help you to easily copy contents from PC to iPod and move them among existing playlists. You can also choose to sync specific contents only. You can use sync podcast every time you connect iPod to the connected PC, yet cannot with music or videos. You also can organize contents in iPod Nano manually.

Description: The device’s 2 ½ in touch-screen is a multi-pointing type

The device’s 2 ½ in touch-screen is a multi-pointing type.

Audio files in MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV and ALAC are supported, as well as Audible audiobooks; you will have to convert other audio formats to the supported ones to hear. Sound quality is very good. DAC is preferred for iPod as Apple has more bass in the same format which other rivals use. The device sounds quite detailed and accurate, especially when you upgrade it with a better-quality headphone. iPod Nano’s warm sound provides earphone shells with extremely good balance and also sounds perfectly via hi-quality dynamic headphones, such as Soundmagic E10s model.

The world is in your ears

Like newest versions of iPhone and iPod Touch, iPod Nano comes with Apple’s improved EarPod earphones. They are still white-colored, plastic-looking and a little uncomfortable, yet they have fewer leaks than the predecessor and sound more detailed and interesting. They are not in-ear types but the plastic cover is shaped to conduct sound into your eardrum.

Video player doesn’t have a wide range of support. It can’t deal with 1080p contents, but will play Apple’s compatible standard formats, such as 720p MPEG4 or H.264 in M4V, Mov or MP4 wrappers. However, podcast videos available in Apple Store don’t appear in video player’s menu, yet they are available in podcast player.

Contrast is low in dark areas and screen size is small, meaning that viewing some contents, especially quick-action movies, quite exhausting, despite the small screen’s excellent clarity. However, it suits cartoons and TV broadcasts. We won’t watch it for long, but it appears excellent in case you want to follow a favorite sitcom episode of home TV.

FM radio tuner is very convenient when you want to keep up with news or get bored of your music collection. The touchscreen helps you to easily scroll through channels, though it is not as handy as a digital radio tuner. Nike+ workout app can use iPod’s accelerometer or perform Bluetooth connection with Nike+ sensor or a heart rate monitor to report your achievements. You don’t have much either option or info as available from workout apps of iPod and iPhone, but it makes this extra-lightweight MP3 player great for runners.

Via test, iPod Nano’s 30-hour runtime proved that this device can provide user with audio for a whole week in medium use. Though, a result of 3h 57min for video playback was not as good, but video playback must be considered useful, not vital.

This device is quite expensive though the price is typical for top 16GB MP3 players, and rival, like Cowon i10, has an equivalent price. To be fair, iPod Nano is amazingly small and lightweight, despite a narrow range of support and the necessity of iTunes.

Description: Apple iPod Nano

Apple iPod Nano


·         RRP: $172

·         Website:


Technical specs

·         Storage: 16MB flash memory

·         Screen: 2 ½ in size plus 240x320pixel resolution

·         Card slot: N/A

·         Audio support: AAC, Protected AAC, Audible, MP3

·         Video support: MPEG4, MP4

·         Image support: BMP, TIFF, JPEG

·         Interface: USB

·         Size/weight: 40x77x5mm/31g

·         Warranty: RTB 1-year



·         With amazingly slimness, light weight and long runtime, iPod Nano is a reliable MP3 player despite the high price.

·         Ratings: 4/5

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