Pantech Flex Smartphone Review (Part 2)

6/21/2013 9:13:04 AM

Performance and battery life

Thanks to Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, it’s no surprise that Flex can run fast. The phone offers a dual-core 1.5GHz Krait processor and you will immediately see Flex provide a similar performance and speed to One X and Galaxy S III. Aside from the common camera app, popular apps, like Chrome, Gmail, Maps and YouTube will all appear instantly and switching between apps is as fast. In the browser, web pages are loaded fast and actions like, panning, zooming and scrolling are smooth. We can tell the same with animation and transition is Pantech’s startup, which is very amazing. From cool booting, Flex brings you to lock screen then launcher within less than 30 sec. The tests confirmed our real-time impression, showing that Flex perform as fast as One X of AT&T. Its call quality is a plus, always clear and noiseless.

Pantech Flex

·         Quadrant: 5,132

·         Vellamo 2: 1,804

·         AnTuTu: 6,959

·         SunSpider 0.9.1 (ms): 2,117

·         GLBenchmark 2.5 Egypt Offscreen (fps): 13

·         CF-Bench: 9,412

·         Battery life: 8:34

Pantech Flex

Pantech Flex

HTC One X (AT&T)

·         Quadrant: 4,784

·         Vellamo 2: 1,638

·         AnTuTu: 6,956

·         SunSpider 0.9.1 (ms): 1.453

·         GLBenchmark 2.5 Egypt Offscreen (fps): 14

·         CF-Bench: 9,479

·         Battery life: 8:55

HTC One X (AT&T)

HTC One X (AT&T)

Motorola Atrix HD

·         Quadrant: 4,996

·         Vellamo 2: 1,610

·         AnTuTu: 6,241

·         SunSpider 0.9.1 (ms): 1,325

·         GLBenchmark 2.5 Egypt Offscreen (fps): 13

·         CF-Bench: 9,217

·         Battery life: 5:30

Motorola Atrix HD

Motorola Atrix HD

(Sunspider: the lower score, the better)

On AT&T’s network in Portland, Oregon, Flex gets average speeds of 10.7Mbps (download) and 6.3Mbps (upload). That is quite enough for most kinds of demand, but it is just as 1/3 of the highest speed we measured with this network. Even with LTE activated, we got an average runtime of from 36 to 42. Meanwhile, in the standard battery test, Flex could last for 8h 34min before the battery was out.


As an upgrade from Burst, Flex has a rear 8MP camera, along with the front 2MB. However, even with a new setting, Pantech’s implement continues disappointing us. The camera captures more details than before, and under a group of narrow conditions, it provides very nice images. Meaning, you will often find blooming highlights which can’t be removed in EV settings, a problem continuing being true even in ideal lighting. The camera’s performance is low in the dark where highlight is overexposed, while the dark is low exposed and the colors seems a bit diluted. Touching white balance sometimes appears useful though the colors weren’t much accurate. Meanwhile, 1080p video is smooth but camcorder is as weak as image. In a ridiculous exchange, Flex works well at night in HDR mode, but that small reward couldn’t save a forgettable camera.

Despite the fast Snapdragon S4, camera app is slowly loaded and you will see a considerable delay during shooting. Even in burst mode, speed is not fast – around 1 photo per second – and the image is still at 8MP in this mode, detail and file size are about half of them. To be worse, it’s impossible to focus in burst mode, even from the start.



Camera software is weak too and those who want to change settings will only find EV and WB presets. Unfortunately, there’s a bigger problem: camera app is very unstable. Whenever you shot a picture, you may incidentally lock the phone and force it to restart. To be worse, if the phone doesn’t respond, any shot you took would be ruined. This issue gets worse when you try importing photo to the computer as any corrupted file is not accepted, especially when you consider Flex as a smartphone for tech lovers.

Right, Flex’s camera should be judged in term of smartphone’s cheapness but it is so unpredictable and unimpressive that you may give up shooting, which is regretful. Based on fault software, even the camera won’t turn up at the time when you need to capture the number plate from the car of whom is stupidly pursuing you. Assume that Pantech is able to improve the situation with a software update, but in fact it offers Flex this unstable status and AT&T agreed to sell it – affecting the company’s reputation.

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