iPhone, iPad and Mac : Moneywiz 1.3.4 - Cash in hand

7/22/2012 11:17:11 AM

Cash in hand

Describing MoneyWiz as the best- looking personal finance app risks an accusation of damning with faint praise. But ignoring the uniformly conservative look of rival apps, MoneyWiz is notable for its gorgeous design. Luckily, its appeal doesn’t end there: it’s as functional as it is attractive.

Description: Money in, money out. The Scheduled window shows upcoming transactions in a calendar, and lists them individually in more detail below
Money in, money out. The Scheduled window shows upcoming transactions in a calendar, and lists them individually in more detail below

The iOS heritage of MoneyWiz is clear, and it looks remarkably similar to the iPad version. A pane on the left gives access to your accounts, budgets, scheduled transac­tions and reports. Clicking each heading smoothly reveals more detail about each.

The main window presents information admirably clearly. The standard view color- codes each transaction to show whether they’re expenses or income, and when you click on a trans­action, it expands to show the category assigned to it along­side editing options. Even smarter is the ability to filter the view, either by en­tering a search term so only transactions matching that term are displayed, or using the Filter button above the window so it only shows transactions matching a certain period, or type or status.

Description: MoneyWiz – personal finance for iPhone, iPad and Mac
MoneyWiz – personal finance for iPhone, iPad and Mac

MoneyWiz supports multiple currencies, and tracks multiple savings, credit and currents accounts. You add transactions by clicking the small + arrow at the bottom of the window, and choosing whether it’s an expense, income or a transfer between accounts. In a pop-up window, you then enter the details, including a category and account - transactions can be split between more than one of each - and payee. You can also add an image to each transaction. This doesn’t at first appear as useful on the Mac as it would be on a camera-enabled iOS device, but you can attach PDFs to transactions, too, so it’s still a valuable way to track receipts.

Description: Transactions are clearly flagged as income or expenses and when you add a newtransactions, MoneyWiz suggests choices as you type
Transactions are clearly flagged as income or expenses and when you add a newtransactions, MoneyWiz suggests choices as you type

You can import data downloaded from an online bank in OFX, QFX and QIF formats. Importing data was smooth, but adding transactions in bulk is more work than it might be. We couldn’t automatically tag similar transactions and allocate them to the same category as they were imported. This weakness extends throughout the app: MoneyWiz isn’t smart about automatically categorising new transactions to match existing ones, but you can at least allocate multiple transactions to a single category by switching to list view, filtering to catch all matching transactions and then right- clicking to allocate them to a category.

Budgeting is flexible: you can create as many as you want to track specific categories and these are monitored in the background. If you enter a transaction assigned to a category that’s being monitored, the available funds in the matching budget change accordingly.

It has a superb approach to scheduled transactions. These appear in an iCal-like Calendar view so you clearly see upcoming transactions, and MoneyWiz will remind you when they’re due.

The outstanding feature of MoneyWiz is its syncing engine, which shares data with versions for iPhone and iPad (you need to buy these separately). It’s one of the smoothest syncing implementations we’ve seen. Once you’ve registered for the service and entered the password on each device, the data syncs automatically until you log out. The only question is one of security. While you can set up a password lock to prevent access to your program, sharing data on a syncing server may not be for everyone.

Good-looking and easy to use, MoneyWiz is excellent value for those who want to track budgets and manage expenses.

“You can see upcoming transactions in the iCal-like Calendar view, and MoneyWiz will remind you when they're due”



$28 inc VAT * iPad $5 * iPhone $5


Mac App Store



OS X 10.6 or later


Looks great * intuitive * excellent syncing


Doesn’t automatically categorise new transactions



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