Filemaker Go 12 For Ipad

7/20/2012 9:24:36 AM

Filemaker is back on mobile devices after a five year absence and it’s better than ever. Whether it’s the iPad or iPhone and iPod Touch versions, FileMaker Go is identical in functionality and allows users to do almost everything they would usually be able to do with FileMaker Pro on desktop. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t allow user to create these files so you’ll need FileMaker Pro installed on a desktop somewhere in order to access these files remotely.

Description: Filemaker go 12 for iPad

However, FileMaker Go does allow users to export data to half a dozen file formats, including tab-delimited, .csv, and .xlsx. Printing is also improved from its predecessor allowing users to print straight to an AirPrint enabled printer or third party printer utility.

Accessing databases occurs in three ways by either using iTunes to copy the database to your device or, if you need to share with others, the database can be hosted on a desktop computer running the FileMaker sever. Users can then connect to this over a Wi-Fi network making access just as easy in the home or office as it is from any Wi-Fi hotspot, as long as the server is configured for remote access. There’s also the option for cellular access.

Description: FileMaker Go 12 is a great app, and on iPad in particular, will virtually replace FileMaker on laptops.

FileMaker Go 12 is a great app, and on iPad in particular, will virtually replace FileMaker on laptops.

While displays across different devices inevitably vary, users have the option to design special layouts using FileMaker Go’s scripting tools to mare iPhone and iPod displyas optimized for smaller screens, while layouts originally designed for a Mac will need to be adjusted for the iPad’s screen. Fields and buttons can be also be adjusted in size and more carefully spaced to work better with the touchscreen interface.

While there is a bit of set up to do, FileMaker Go 12 is a great app, and on iPad in particular, will virtually replace FileMaker on laptops. Its feature rich despite a few minor limitations compared to the parent FileMaker programs but they are hardly noticed. And the best thing about it is it’s free!









May 17, 2012




55.5 MB


FileMaker, Inc.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later

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