AMD Radeon HD 7970 - The World's Fastest Single-GPU (Part 1)

6/20/2012 6:08:29 PM

The fastest GPU simple graphics card nowadays

It is the first time that AMD has launched the new graphics card architecture before Nvidiia. It is Southern Island AMD Radeon HD 7970 that is the fastest graphics card currently.

It is AMD’s bravery to launch a completely different graphics card design compared to its previous vector processors, right after bringing us a new CPU architecture, especially basing on the serious failure of the FX chip series.

Description: AMD Radeon HD 7970

We saw little information from AMD about its previous new architecture – simply named Graphicss Core Next – but at that time it was running on our test desk and processed plenty of polygons and pixels on high-resolution screens without any concern about the world.

AMD Radeon HD 7970 may have reason to worry if considering the fact that Nvidia is going to launch the latest knowledge of graphics, code-named Kepler, in the spring.

It can also explain the reason why choosing this launch time is so odd. AMD decided to launch Radeon HD 7970 only 3 days before Chrismast, a notoriously dead time in technology.

However, talking to AMD’s partners, we recognize that they are not allowed to launch overclocked cards until a long time later, so what we see are these reference Radeon HD 7970 cards with new stickers.

That means most of their echo was dispossessed by the launch before Christmas, and even the remained echo quickly became silent by holiday time.

So, like a Minister in Cabinets in crisis time, AMD is trying to bury Radeon HD 7970’s launch, is not it?

Maybe the firm recognizes the market for quite small $750 graphics cards. The upcoming Radeon HD 7950 may be the card that it really wants to focus on. Perhaps it just wants to make sure that technology journalists have to work even in Christmas time.

Despite the reason for launching this unequal launch, it is time for us to consider what creates AMD Radeon HD 7970.


About real architecture, it is a monster quite different to HD 6970, which is provided power by the previous Cayman GPU.

This card presents a new tendency in GPU technology for AMD as well as a production process and new GPU technologies.

As the first, AMD has almost all first-time things coming with Radeon HD 7970. It is the first GPU built with extremely tiny 28nm transistor, the first 11.1 DirectX graphics card, and the first official PCI Express 3.0 component.

One of the really interesting things is minimizing 28nm die shrink coming with this new Tahiti. Tahiti GPU will be the chip providing power for high-end cards and built on the new Graphicss Core Next architecture.

The whole HD 7000 series also comes with the name Southern Islands, thus having Tahiti mark. Minimizing die shrink means that it can pack more components into a smaller chip form, and this means more power for you.

Compared to the number of 40nm transistors in Radeon HD 6970 – 2.6 billions – AMD works well in packing more transistors into the Radeon HD 7970. This card has 4.3 billion transistors in GPU. It is a terrible number – and AMD also has more transistors for HD 7970.

AMD’s announced computing performance for Tahiti XT GPU in HD 7970 is such number. With 3.79 TFLOP, that is impressive computing ability deeply buried in the chip. All it needs is the software to take advantage of.

Computing performance is an impetus fact in changing from Nothern Islands to Southern Islands, and traditional vector processors to scalar processors creating this new GPU.

Before, AMD focused most of its silicons to create a card dedicated to graphics card processing, which leaves the definition of ephemerous multi-functional GPU computing for Nvidia and its CUDA cores.

So, the firm lays its all stake in 4-way vector processor architecture. Basically, this means sorting simple commands to batches before running them along GPU duct. It is a subtler dolution, and with graphics processing, it is incredibly effective. 4xxx HD to 6xxx HD card series are wonderful products with impressively low power requirement compared to peering products.

However, at this time, AMD wants a slice of the GPGPU cake, and thus changing to scalar architecture similar to the architecture used by Nvidia, its hereditary rival.

This means it will use a more vilolent approach including having a large number of simple processors in an array, giving them each work to carry out individually until all commands are finished.

Important statistics







Tahiti XT

Production process


Core clock speed


Memory clock speed


Caculating units


Thread processors




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