Anita Mai Tan - The Container Is Worth More Than The Contents

9/18/2012 10:47:10 AM

Regular Money to have, over the last... ok, however many issues, looked at some very expensive stuff. I mean, realistically, we have taken a Sceptical gander at items with price tags that would rival the GPD of a small country. But that’s OK, because every item we have looked at has been functional. Sure, some of them... strike that. Most of them were pretty ordinary, everyday gadgets that had a lot of bling stuck on them. But there were examples of really cool stuff that actually seemed worth the cost, beyond being plated in several kilograms of gold and enough diamonds to wallpaper a modest apartment with. Even the silly stuff, like dinosaur-bone enhanced iPads and gold coated Wii consoles served a function beyond just looking good. It might not have been an important function, but a function none the less..

Description: Anita Mai Tan diamond drag

Anita Mai Tan diamond drag

This month, though, we have a real treat for you. Yes, this object has a function. Sure. And that function is to carry an iPhone in it. That’s it. It’s an iPhone case. It doesn’t have super-protective qualities. It doesn’t help recharge the phone. It doesn’t even look particularly shock proof. OK, fair enough, you can wear it on a chain... but we suspect that an iPhone sized pendant may be a) really heavy and b) attractive to those nasty elements who would take your iPhone away from you, case and all, Particularly in the case of this case.

See, Anita Mai Tan’s iPhone Case Extreme costs $880,000. No, there aren’t too many zeroes there. Eight-eight-zero-zero-zero-zero... eight hundred and eighty thousand, in other words (or in big people speaks, actually).

Description: Anita Mai Tan diamond spid

Anita Mai Tan diamond spid

Let’s do a little calculation here. You can get a 32GB iPhone 4 for around $299. Let’s call it 300. So, realistically, you could buy 293 iPhone 4s for the same price as this case. Note, case. iPhone not included, although at the price we would hope that they’d throw a free 300 buck phone into the deal. Maybe they do... they don’t say. But somehow we doubt it.

The reason for the price tag is the fact that, for example, the Dragon version f the case is made out of 18 karat yellow gold and studded with lots and lots of colourless, cognac, brown and champagne diamonds. We must say that the craftsmanship is superb, all told.

If that price tag was on a tiara or something similar we wouldn’t bat an eye.

But making something like this to be a box to put your iPhone in seems a little ridiculous because, essentially, it’s a box to put you iPhone in.

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