Tips To Speed Up Your Device (Part 1)

10/3/2012 6:33:02 PM

Most machines run “as fast as the wind”, “as smooth as silk” when it’s new, but after a short time they become slowly. So how can we have the previous speed? Following tips which I collected after a long time using technology stuff can help you accomplish this. Let share experience to speed up the devices!

Description: Tips to speed up your device

Tips to speed up your device

Clean the equipment

Whether you’re using a PC or mobile device, when the hard drive/flash drive is full, we'll find out that the machine runs slower than normal. In this case, let use WinDirStat application to help clean up the data. This software will scan all hard drives or each separate hardware, then report to you according to color code. You will know the capacity of each kind of file, then give the suitable solution for yourself. Things you no longer or rarely use, you can burn it to DVD, copy to a USB disk or removable disk, so you will release much the computer memory. Moreover, this also helps you avoid the risk of data loss when the computer has problem or has been stolen.

Description: Clean the equipment

Clean the equipment

The uninstallation of no longer using software will significantly improve the operating speed. Let say goodbye to things you rarely use and uninstall them by Uninstaller (Windows) or AppZapper (OS X). Not only remove normal installation, these applications also help us to delete the temporary files and related files that can fill up memory unnecessarily. And remember, never remove the application by deleting the exe files or delete the folders containing these files, because it does not help anything  and it leaves a lot of junk files, Windows sometimes does not know that you have delete them.

About mobile device, if the internal memory is nearly full, the device will inform us of the cleanup. First, I will say about the iOS device. If internal memory is nearly full, the machine will run much slower, and I have ever seen this situation with my iPhone and iPad. What is the solution? It's easy. First, you should delete the application you do not or rarely use. You should also delete the applications that have similar feature; for example, you have two PDF reader applications. Many people installed applications from the store when bought the device. There are many, many things you hardly ever use. So go ahead to remove them and let your machine run faster.

Don't forget to delete the files that you copied from PC to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (such as Keynotes files, downloaded songs from music website). We can slowdown the machines. Cleaning up the music, movies, photos is a good method. To find information about individual app using on iOS, you can go to Settings > General settings > Use.

For Android, you can also do the same as on your computer by using the software called Storage Analyser. This application is very good, it informs the capacity of each folder (both card and internal memory) or rearranges folders according to the level of using capacity, so you can easily manage and delete the folders if necessary. Deleting files, folders can be done right in Storage Analyser. Do not forget to remove the apps and games you do not use as well as moving data of the application from internal memory to a memory card to improve the device's speed.

Description: Storage Analyser

Storage Analyser

Speed ​​up web browsing

In this time, having no Internet is a shortcoming that will limit the work as well as entertainment very much, slow Internet makes us more angry. If you see that web browsing speed is too slow, you can apply measures such as remove a few add-on, delete browsing history and cookies, change the DNS or change to another fun and convenient browser  (for example, switch from the old 7.8 version of Internet Explorer to Firefox or Chrome).

This is a small tip for those using Dropbox on PC. Do you notice that the upload application is too slow? The reason is that Dropbox defaults upload bandwidth limit so that we are not obstructed when using other softwares. If you want it to sync faster, right-click on the Dropbox icon on clock bar, choose Preferences> Bandwidth. On the Mac, you click the icon on the top of the screen, click Preferences > Network > Bandwidth > Change Settings. On Upload Rate section, select Don't Limit box. If you feel that Dropbox is slow down other important application, let choose Limit Automatically again.

Description: Speed up web browsing

Speed ​​up web browsing

On mobile devices, we cannot intervene as much as on the computer. With Android, you can delete old data in the browser by clicking Browser, Menu, select History. In it, select Clear All. Besides, you can also press the Menu button in browser, select Settings > Privacy (or Privacy & Security), and in turn click Clear all cookie data, Clear form data, Clear History buttons. With this way, you will see the web browsing speed is significantly improved. Besides, you can also use SpeedUp software. Although I find it just increases browsing speed a little, it is still better.

With iOS device, you can also delete temporary data of Safari by clicking Settings (Settings) > Safari > History & Delete Cookie Delete Data. In addition, the iOS can also adjust DNS in a simple way to improve our browsing speed. You also click Settings > Wifi > click the blue arrow in the network name. DNS section will appear to you to enter numbers on. You can use one of four DNS numbers below, because I see these are two good DNS.

Open DNS

Preferred DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:

Google DNS

Preferred DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:


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