iPhone 5 Greets The World (Part 2)

10/1/2012 4:48:23 PM

iOS 6 is coming, iOS 6 is coming!

Paul Revere made his fateful ride through Massachusetts in anticipation of the approaching British armies. In addition to the iPhone 5 hardware introduction, it's Apple's turn to launch iOS 6 in anticipation and reaction to the fast moving battleground of the mobile OS wars. The free upgrade, has over 200 new upgrades, and is available for wireless download and installation to all iPhones released since 2009and for a I l-but-original iPad users and will be available on September 19th.Preannounced and previewed, at the June Worldwide Developers' Conference, we just found out that the rollout will commence in a week. Its war and war is hell, so if you can't handle the truth then go watch the video of Gangnam Style.

Description: iPhone 5 iOS 6
iPhone 5 iOS 6


This feature has all the aspects of being a game-changer. Get rid of your wallet or clutch or shoulder bag, say hello to your one-stop collection of tickets, money and coupons. Imagine going to the airport, buying your coffee, paying for your ticket, checking into your flight and having your boarding pass all sent and displayed from your iPhone or iPad. Now imagine the convenience of the Passbook in every consumer-driven interaction that you take part in a frenzied existence. Going to the mall? Just wait for your device to GPS your location and the offers and coupons from various retailers are pushed to you with your consent. Your Apple product just got stickier, enough so that you will not be able to live without it.

The cash transfer aspect is not here yet, but expect the service in the near future. Paying with your device will need the buy-in of the various stores and thatis happening very quickly. As Passbook's utilization grows and people become more adept with the app, you can expect an expansion of the app's utilitarian spec sheet, but you will have to wait as there is no embedded NFC (Near Field Communication) capability as of yet.

Maps and YouTube

Description: Maps and YouTube

We all know that Apple is distancing itself from Google and has cut the cord in terms of utilizing Google Maps and YouTube. iOS 6 will no longer utilize Google-provided cartography data. Instead, there is a new Apple-developed app and service. Voice interaction, turn-by-turn navigation, and real time traffic updates are what you will get with the non-Google app. In addition, there's a cool new 3D map rendering aspect or Flyover that will come with iOS 6. Imagine the street view aspect of Google Maps but with the added ability to explode the view to a citywide perspective. I personally will find the Flyover utility the most helpful. I can't tell you the number of times that I have used street view to familiarize myself with a house or store or anywhere that I needed to find for the first time. Flyover will make that aspect of navigating the real world much easier. Oh, and let's not underestimate the turn-by-turn assistance which will further eat into Garmin and other GPS manufacturers' sales.

In a slightly counter-intuitive move, Apple's own app to browse YouTube has been removed as the 5-year licensing deal between the two tech behemoths was not renewed. In lieu, Google this past Tuesday rushed out their own new iPhone app to access the library of YouTube videos. YouTube is therefore no longer a preinstalled app on iOS. Instead, you have to download the Google-created app as an add-on. Although the app is optimized for the iPhone it will still load on the iPad. Google is in the process of making a tablet specific app and will release the product shortly. Caveat: the new YouTube app allows for Google's advertisements, something Apple had disabled.

Description: Safari revamp
iPhone 5 maps

iTunes, iCloud and Safari revamp

Apple's renaissance began in many ways with the launch of the iPod and music has been a mainstay in their strategic mission ever since. Apple has been integrating iTunes more seamlessly with their iCIoud service and this revamp continues the trend. Safari, now with a full screen mode, also has an iCIoud tab preloaded, mimicking big-sister Safari for the MAC OS. Let me Safari digress: The browser will allow a user to click on an App button to direct the person to the App store and to download a site specific native app. Offline reading lists will now cache websites so that users can read/surf sites at a later time. And of course, the newest version of Safari iOS6 promises to be faster than the previous version. Most importantly, the iCIoud integration of iOS 6 is going to better integrate the various Apple products in your living room and in the cloud. Music, photos and files are now easier to share and work on in various hardware interfaces.

Description: iTunes, iCloud and Safari revamp
iTunes, iCloud and Safari revamp

Getting back to iTunes, the new version will be available in October. Remember that Apple is now in direct discussions with record labels to port the music libraries to end users in a Pandora-like service. As Apple and CEO Tim Cook states, music is deeply embedded in their DNA. The iTunes store has been redesigned, allowing for more control of playlists and better search features, and will be more integrated with iCIoud so you can expect yet another iTunes upgrade/download. So I can finally watch the end of the Avengers from an iPhone after having started the film on a desktop.


Description: Siri

The upgraded voice interactive personal assistant will now be able to answer more questions for you. There is now integration with Open Table so you can get reservations at your favorite restaurant. Siri will also allow you to launch your stable of apps, THANK YOU APPLE! There are now more languages that Siri will speak and understand and the application will now be able to answer sports queries. So, if you need to know the latest soccer score from Seoul, you are in luck! And now yelp reviews are also available so you can find out if there is a good Korean BBQ. Restaurant after you get that score.

War and iOS6

Description: Download Speeds
Download Speeds

Microsoft's Windows 8 for mobile devices is the new kid on the block. Nokia is hoping for a corporate turnaround on the back of the Microsoft product. Blackberry will be unveiling, hopefully in the next year, their new 10 OS; as it stands now, it is just vaporware. And Android Jellybean is rolling out on new devices as we breathe. The battleground that is the mobile OS marketplace is heating up. There are now over 700,000 iOS apps, 250,000 optimized for the iPad, and Tim Cook stated that the average user utilizes over 100 apps. iOS 6 allows you to post to Facebook or Tweet with Notification from any app, including Siri. FaceTime will now work over cell networks. iOS 6, Siri, and AirPlay mirroring plus many more of the new features will be available for the iPod Touch as well. All of these new attributes allow iOS 6 users to communicate from within any and all apps, making Apple's portable devices better and more powerful. Apple has upped the ante and created the Operating System target for other manufacturers to aim for. "Only Apple could create such amazing software, hardware, and services and put them together into such a powerful, integrated solution."

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