Spotflux - Enjoy The Privilege Of A US Based IP Address

10/29/2012 9:38:18 AM

We have a look at a cloud based tunneling protection service, in this weeks' app of the week

Let's face it; the internet is a pretty hazardous place to visit. Invisible threats, viruses, malware, ad-ware... the list goes on and on, it's a wonder the globally connected world hasn't already collapsed under the combined weight of so-called artificial bodily enhancements, and pharmaceutical aids. Having a reputable and hardworking anti-virus and security center goes a long way at keeping these virtual threats at bay, but the actual connection to the internet itself also needs to be filtered and encrypted for 100% security peace of mind.

Description: Just click Enable to enjoy the privilege of a US based IP address
Just click Enable to enjoy the privilege of a US based IP address

This is where Spotflux comes in to play. It's a worldwide service that, when installed and activated, will route all your incoming and outgoing internet traffic through a secure and encrypted cloud connection, where viruses, annoying adverts, malware and such are monitored and removed before they even get a whiff of your PC. In fact, we may be so bold as to say that Spotflux could very well be the ultimate in private, ad-free browsing.

Normally, the installation of such an application would be something of a strenuous affair; however the Spotflux setup couldn't be simpler. First, pay a visit to the Spotflux site and download the latest version for either Windows or Mac: Run the executable, accept the default installation locations, click yes, or OK, for permission to install the driver for the virtual Spotflux network device, and that's about it. After the installation you'll be presented with a Spotflux splash screen, where you'll see the current status for Spotflux. Click on Enable and after a few brief seconds the Spotflux status will change to enabled and all internet traffic will, from that point on, be routed through the secure service.

Most of the time, using some kind of internet traffic routing, or modifier requires a somewhat more arcane knowledge of IP addressing, routing protocols and so on, but Spotflux has managed to provide an all-in-one service uses some tunneling technologies that are very similar to VPN, although Spotflux refuse point blank that they are just a VPN service. By connecting to the Spotflux cloud you are effectively going through their 'purification filters', to remove the unwanted elements of the web, and thankfully, without too much of a negative impact on your core broadband speeds.

However, it should be noted that even though, by using Spotflux, your internet connection is now encrypted, filtered and secure, this is by no means a good excuse to uninstall and chuck out your anti-virus or other forms of protection. Spotflux is a great filter, but there are new viruses, malware and whatever else being created all the time, so please doesn’t lull you into a false sense of security. It's also worth mentioning that being encrypted doesn't give you an automatic license to start downloading illegal and copyrighted material. Spotflux states that they do not log web surfing activities, but they will comply with the legal authorities should they be requested to.

Interestingly, a bonus side effect to using Spotflux, for us users in the UK, is that the service routes through a New York server, hence giving you an American IP address that's visible to the world. Now, we here at Micro Mart don't condone the use of un-licensed internet activities, but with a US IP, we here in the UK can now enjoy the delights of Hulu, and other US only catch-up TV stations. Naughty or just is a loop hole?

Spotflux is well worth trying out, and can help filter wasteful and unwanted traffic. It's currently available for Windows and Mac, with a mobile app and Linux version up the sleeve of the developer.

Description: Spotflux can protect you from many a nasty online
Spotflux can protect you from many a nasty online

·         An Encrypted and Secure Connection

Whether is at home, travelling, or on a public WiFi. Spotflux encrypts and secures your connection and protects your privacy white browsing.

·         Malware and Virus Protection

Spotflux continuously scans and protects your connection for inbound threets such as malware and viruses.

·         Open and Unrestricted Access

Spotflux doesn't believe in limiting or blocking access to content Access is always open and unrestricted while connected to Spotflux

·         A Private, Ad-free Browsing Experience

Enjoy clean ad-free browsing without tracking or targeted advertisements Spotflux saves bandwidth, hides I your IP address, and 1 keeps your location private.


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