Philips E-Line 273E3LH LED Monitor - Big-Screen-Entertainment

11/26/2012 9:14:33 AM

Philips goes for those users for whom size is just about everything

Philips are one of those companies who either hit the technological nail on the head, or miss it by a country mile. Having had use of this E-Line 273E3LH LED monitor for some days now, I'm still not sure which of these categories it best falls into.

Description: Philips E-Line 273E3LH

Initially I was impressed because, in terms of big-screen-entertainment, this panel appears to have it all covered. The first obvious plus is the size. At 27" this is a screen that you don't have to be on top of to watch, although I'm not sure many people have a desk that's sufficiently deep enough to use it as a work monitor. At this scale I'd hoped that it might support modes above 1080p resolution, but that's the natural ratio and there is no mode higher.

Where it really shines however is in the color representation, which is the best I've seen on a TN panel, ever. It's not in the bright colors that this is best revealed, but in the subtle hues and pastel shades this monitor can reproduce. It's actually better than many IPS panels, although it can't match the vertical viewing angles of that technology. The real contrast ratio is one of the highest I've encountered and, possibly a bit higher than the quoted 1:1200.

It's also a rather clean and smart looking design, with all three standard video inputs, both audio in and out, and for a panel this large it is also a svelte 8.2Kg. So how could it go wrong, when most of this product is so right?

In the documentation that comes with this screen it claims a response time of 1ms, which is remarkably quick. Most monitor makers exaggerate a 5ms or 3ms response level, so Philips is really pushed the boat out here.

Description: Philips E-Line 273E3LH LED Monitor

However, my testing strongly suggest that the response time here is actually much slower, which doesn't make it ideal for fast paced video games. Some of the issue is the fancy modifications that Philips have introduced under the 'Smart' branding. They've got SmartContrast, SmartImage and SmartResponse, so you get to choose new and unusual ways to muck up the operations of the screen.

The worst of these is SmartResponse and it's 'overdrive' mode, which does things that no sane person would want to see on their monitor. Once this is active, instead of improving the response time it actually generates ghosting, where the image contains not only the current image but remnants of the one that proceeded it. As such if you pan around in an FPS game you find that heavily contrasted edges suddenly develop a ghost trail. Surely someone in the engineering department at Philips noticed this, or did they not see it as important? It appears not.

There are many great things to like about this screen, not least the size and the excellent colors, but it's not a model gamers should consider, given the response issues it so patently has. I've quoted the Philips own RRP price of $480, which would be rather steep if you couldn't pick it up elsewhere for much less. There might be a place for this product with those who work with still images or graphics design, I hope.

The massive screen size doesn't make up for other issues, unfortunately


Price: $480

Manufacturer: Philips

Required Spec: PC or output device with VGA, HDMI or DVI connectors



·         27in LCD monitor

·         1920 x 1080

·         TN technology

·         Matt anti-glare finish

·         LED lighting

·         0.31mm pixel pitch

·         2ms response time

·         1200:1 specified contrast ratio

·         300cd/m2 specified brightness

·         DVI-D, HDMI, VGA inputs

·         Stero speakers

·         642 x 440 x 227mm (with stand)

·         8.2kg



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