TomTom Via 620 - TomTom At Large, TDK TH-EC200 - The Familiar Acronym

12/2/2012 6:21:05 PM

TomTom Via 620 - TomTom At Large

GPS systems have always been known to be slick, compact and portable. That changed with TomTom’s Via 620 - by far the largest GPS system ever released. How big is it? Well, at 6 inches, it is definitely bigger than most GPS units out there. But is the Via 620 ready to outdo its competition? Read on to find out how well this GPS fares.

Description: TomTom At Large

TomTom At Large

1.    Flexible mount

The overall chassis design is very well-built as there are no creaks and everything about it just looks sturdy. Brushed metal is used as the GPS’ bezel, something different from the plastic chassis the Via 620 is using. What makes this GPS stands out is the built-in windshield mount. It is tucked nicely behind without taking a lot of space and comes equipped with a strong suction cup to ensure the Via 620 doesn’t dislodge while being used in the car.

2.    Easy customization

The review unit we got is the South East Asia version that comes preloaded with maps from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Macau. If there the need to load other maps in the GPS, there is a microSD card slot for extra maps. Additionally, it has the ability to change car symbol and set a few shortcuts on the left side of the map.

3.    Largest display yet

Behold the key point of this device: with a 6 inches display to view the map, it is hard to ignore the Via 620. According to TomTom, the GPS also has an 800 x 480 resolution display. On the large display, the text looks sharper and visuals are larger, making it easier to see the finer details of the maps. The display is very bright and with its matte screen, using the Via 620 under direct sunlight is not a problem at all. Despite it being larger than most GPS, it doesn’t block the driver’s view. It is just there to let the driver know that he doesn’t need to turn away to look for the GPS.

4.    Easy navigation

Thankfully, the performance for the Via 620 is great. It can even detect a lot of the random back roads that are keyed into it. The GPS manages to find satellites instantly while road calculations are fast too if a wrong turn is made. However, when keying in a location, the driver has to be very specific with the location because the GPS request the exact address.

TomTom Via 620

·         Price: RM799

·         Dimensions (L X W X H): 165 x 105 x 24 mm

·         Weight: 236 g

·         Display: 6-inch resistive touchscreen, 800 x 480 pixels

·         Memory: Internal and MicroSD card BATTERY Up to 2 hours autonomous operation

V: 9/10

F: 8/10

P: 8/10

D: 9/10

U: 8/10

Verdict: Being a big GPS, the Via 620 has a lot to offer.

Total Score: 8.4/10

TDK TH-EC200 - The Familiar Acronym

It’s not often that we get premium quality earphones to play around with. It’s less often that they come with instructions in Japanese. TDK has a reputation of providing quality audio, which they honestly do deserve.

Description: TDK TH-EC200


1.    Bring The Bling

You can tell that these are a pair of premium quality earphones by the fact that they come with a gold plated jack, for that extra bit of connectivity. It’s very common I know but even minor tweaks like that help. The earbuds are of similar high quality plastic and somehow feel expensive in your hands. They're very comfortable too, which is a good thing because TDK didn't pack the usual extra sets of varying sizes for the silicon sleeves. Another nice inclusion was a spool to wind your cable around so as to avoid it getting tangled. Overall, you won't be disappointed with the build and form of the chassis.

2.    Adequate Performer

In terms of sound quality, the EC200 is more or less about what you expect from an expensive pair of earphones. Sounds are crisp and clear with no interference. Since they're in-ear designs you don't have to worry so much about noise isolation, if people can hear the music you’re playing through the earbuds, then it is a clear sign that the volume is up too loud. While it has good mid-range levels, lower frequencies don't exactly have all that much of a punch, especially the bass which is a bit flat.


·         Response Range: 20-20,000Hz

·         Resistance: 20 ohm

V: 8/10

F: 7/10

P: 8/10

D: 8/10

U: 9/10

Verdict: Not a bad birthday present, bass needs work.

Total Score: 8.0/10

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