Plantronics BackBeat Go - Incredibly Small, Amazingly Light

1/23/2013 6:33:00 PM

Plantronics advertised “BackBeat GO” that provides “wireless cab, no complication and compromise. In general, I like it because it has super compact design and it is also fashionable. However, among these declarations, nothing is completely exact.

2 earbuds that cram in ears is combined with 1 short string with interior line volume/microphone controller that dangles from your neck. The whole headphone’s weight is 13 grams, but I see that normal cable can pull one earbud out and then combining weight will pull the other out. It includes 3 sizes of rubber ring; however, while earbuds fit comfortably, not any string keeps them in my ears.

Description: Plantronics BackBeat Go

Plantronics BackBeat Go

This problem is solved by “stable set” attached. Earbud is attached to small rubber hook. And they are stable in your ears. It is rather comfortable and it also keeps earbud in ears although you try to pull it out. However, it took me a period of time to find it and this thing made the process become complex.

When you install them, they can prevent a lot of around noises. That is passive isolation of sound, it mustn’t be active elimination of noise and it works by locking your year canals –earbuds did so. It means that it prevents higher frequency (for example, voice) that headphones of eliminating noise cannot do. It’s wonderful to common traffic.

Description: These BackBeat GO headphones from Plantronics are wireless.

These BackBeat GO headphones from Plantronics are wireless.

However, there is compromise. To PC or 2 smartphones that we tested, the quality of sound in listening music and video is trivial. It is rather confusing and small. If you adore music, it isn’t possible for you to use. If you want to heat Spotify or radio on the bus, it is very good.

Another compromise is battery duration. Plantronics advertised 4.5 hours of talking to calling up and 4 hours of listening to music to music and video. Waiting time is 10 days. With our testing unit, these advertising numbers can gain; however, to headphones, 4 hours is short battery duration. It’s wonderful to listen to music on train every day. Can you listen to music with your cellphone in your company all day? This thing is possible unless you have a long working day.

Description: Wireless cab: except for between your ears

Wireless cab: except for between your ears

BackBeat GO is wonderful to entertain for a while. We will introduce it with people who go to work by bus and train that are equipped with smartphone; however, it is impossible for people who travel with a long distance or office workers majoring in working at desk that are seeking for wireless cab sound.


·         Price including VAT: $149

·         Website:


·         Noise intelligently prevention

·         Difficult to install correctly

·         Trivial sound quality


·         Convenient (it fit well) but compromise about sound quality and battery duration

·         Ratings: 3/5

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