Edimax IC-7110W - Strong IP Camera

2/4/2013 9:02:17 AM

It has useful features, but the configuration that can’t be acquired makes this strong IP camera difficult to use than normal ones.

Description: Edimax IC-7110W

Edimax IC-7110W

Unlike the previous Edimax IP camera, IC-7110W is easy to establish on your network. You just need to connect it to the router or the switch by using Ethernet cable and it will automatically take IP address through DHCP. Finder utility of Edimax will scan your network to find the device, then display the IP address and let you start the admin site running in IE.

You can watch and control most of the camera features from other browsers, but IE uses specialized plug-in ActiveX which provide some features in addition, include recording, photo taking, communicating through connected speakers and full screen viewing options. Because of these additional options, we normally suggest to use IE with web interface of this camera if you can - but it proves to be unstable under IE browser which runs Window 8, with regularly crashed video stream.

Cloud marking

Edimax now provide a web port or its IP cameras. This allows you to use some unique Cloud ID to access the video stream of cameras and some options controlled through web, or smartphone apps. Though it doesn’t provide enough access to web interface of cameras, using Cloud ID seems easier than setting up a Dynamic DNS port. However, if you want to use a kind of service like that, DDNS setup of camera provides you accesses to the camera whether IP address assigned by ISP change much.

Although Cloud ID system helps you to watch movie scenes easily from the camera wherever you are, it doesn’t provide you any online archive. The camera has one SD card slot that can be used to create scheduled video records or save video clips or images whenever the motion detecting feature of the camera is off. Enabling motion detection is easy, and you can specify times it should be enabled. For example, you can enable motion detection even when your house or your office is considered to be empty.

While recording into SD card in the camera is very useful, the record may be lost if the camera or the card is stolen or destroy. Motion detecting setups allows you to send the records and images to SMB folder which is shared on the local area network, local server or remote FTP, or through email.

Set up arrangements

Pointing camera to SMB folder is very easy. Every setup can be found in motion detection main menu. FTP setup and email is quite difficult to find because they are split among several different screen menus and not being labeled clearly.

First, you will want to add an FPT server address. If you want to use the local server, we suggest setting up one server on NAS device because it means that you don’t have to leave the PC open to record data. You can also import setups that allow cameras to use the outgoing SMTP server to send you pictures and warnings.

IC-7110W has many useful features, includes 1 microphone 3.5mm speaker jack to have two-way communication, as a part of the entrance security system. How inconveniently, when configuring the camera, some setup screens have loaded immediately when we move the mouse pointer through their hyperlink. This means that when mistakenly moving the mouse pointer, a new screen will be open before we have a chance to finish our job. It’s a small yet annoying problem.

Image quality is also not the best. It’s a little grainy with poor color accuracy, though it’s clear enough to identify the faces. Images can be blurred and grainy but can be recognize at the distance of up to 4 m, which is a remarkable thing for a security camera. Infrared night vision mode seems to be effective, although the threshold for the automatic enabling of the IR lights is bit ambiguous. Night vision mode is sometimes off and on, especially if the camera is in the light area but pan to the darker area. You can also set up IR mode that opens at special time.

Its resolution and frame speed are not very high. It defaults at a 640x480 resolution and 30fps speed, but decrease maximum to 15fps if you set the camera at the highest 1,280x1,024 resolution. We realized that when we move to a higher level of resolution, the menu which set the frame speed of the camera get stuck at 15fps, even when we lower the resolution. We have to turn the device of before we reset it to 640x480 resolution with the speed of 30fps.

Although IC-7110W has many features, it’s amazingly difficult to use, mostly by the disordered and poor-organized menus video quality is trivial, but enough for the expected purpose. Once you have set up features you want such as cloud watching or stills saving to SD memory card, or video saving to FPT server, it work well. Based on 2-way communication options of the camera and the fact that it comes with the set of rack, it’s amazing for the security at the entrance of a small company or your house. However, at this price range, we would like something that is easier to use, like Black SD of Y-Cam.

Description: Edimax IC-7110W’s back view

Edimax IC-7110W’s back view


·         Price: $240, including VAT

·         Website:

·         Ranking: 3/5


Technical specs

·         Resolution: 1,280x1,024

·         Frame speed: 15fps

·         Internet connection: 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11n wireless

·         Addition: night vision, motion detection

·         Warranty: 2-year RTB

·         Energy consumption: 3W


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