BMW F10 M5 - Gentleman’s Express (Part 3)

8/10/2014 8:17:59 PM

BMW M5 Interior

BMW M5 Interior

In order to ensure that the lungs of the car are exhaling as they should, Vivid called upon Agency Power once again to pull together a marvellously hi-tech exhaust system. It comprises catted race downpipes that allow the turbos to spool more freely, while their high-flow resonators stop the sound becoming obnoxious – this is, after all, a refined and luxurious executive saloon as much as it is a bonkers race car in disguise. The Meisterschaft stainless steel exhaust has fewer bends than the stock system, as well as electronically controlled valves that allow the driver to adjust the sound and volume, and the mid-pipes have rather more girth than the factory setup, too. All in all, the system’s as cunning and clever as a fox with a PhD in astrophysics.  The engine inhales as strongly as it exhales too, thanks to high-flow cone filters, carbon-fibre MAF tubes and heat-shields, and custom intake ducts.

BMW M5 Front View & Head Light

BMW M5 Front View & Head Light

The final piece in the jigsaw sits within those muscular arches. Well, we say ‘final’ but as the car’s evolving all the time take ‘final’ solely in the context of the pictures as you see them today! The arms race of inches shows no sign of abating, and Vivid’s F10 is right on the front line with its 21” rims, measuring a bold 9.5” across on the front axle and an inch beyond that out back. The rollers of choice come courtesy of SSR – the CV01S is a ballsy three-piece creation, here finished in bronze with gloss black lips and barrels. They strike just the right tone, halfway between subtlety and ostentation – and check out the profile of the rear Advans: they’re 295/25s. It’s like the rubber’s just painted on.


The genius of Vivid Racing’s creation is that it takes the original spirit of the retro M5 and updates it for 2014, both in terms of performance and aesthetics. Sure, it’s not totally subtle enough to blend into the commuter traffic like the E28 was in period but at the same time it’s neither bullish nor shouty. The eye-watering peak power figure is just as Top Trumps-tastic as each of the F10’s forefathers have been at launch, and here it’s turned up to eleven to bring about a sort of Spinal Tap gentleman’s express. But the real craftiness comes with that race-honed weight-saving – everyone who’s been crying out for an M5 CSL can see a vision of ambition fulfilled right here. It’s a race car, a grocery-getter, a supercar-baiter and a school-run hero all rolled into one. And that’s just what an M5 should be.


BMW M5 Seats

BMW M5 Seats


Engine & Transmission:

·         4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 S63B44TU, seven-speed DCT transmission, VR Tuned ECU tuning box, Agency Power catted race downpipes, Meisterschaft stainless steel GTC exhaust (with electronically controlled valves) and LXR cat-back pipe with velocity box, Agency Power carbo

·         Chassis: 9.5x21” (front) and 10.5x21” (rear) SSR CV01S with 255/30 (front) & 295/25 (rear) Yokohama Advan Sports, H&R springs


·         Agency Power carbon fibre bonnet with vented cowl, Agency Power carbon-fibre rear diffuser, Agency Power CSL-style carbon-fibre bootlid, Agency Power carbon-fibre front lip spoiler, front and  side grilles painted  gloss black


·         Stock



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