LG Pentouch 50PZ850T - Home Cinema

6/15/2012 11:37:51 AM

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Price: $1,350


Description: LG Pentouch 50PZ850T

LG’s lastest plasma TV is rather different than its competitors. Besides standard remote control, it has a pentouch letting you write on a 50-inch screen. If you do not want to give the new expensive tablet to the kids, this may be the next best thing.

Before starting to scrawl, you have to install driver on PC (Mac OS X is not supported) and connect it to TV. This process is easy to execute but it took us a few trials to make everything combined and synchronic.

Software app includes diary, photo galary, web browser, office file viewer, and sketchbook. Except you intend to use TV as another choice for office projector, the most useful app is certainly sketchbook. The kids like drawing ability on TV, although if they know how to use iPad, they may not be very impressed with using a pen. The system is quite fast but its limited tools are not sure to attract everyone.

TV base has 4 hard legs. Silver bezel of the thin screen looks so great and all connections are behind. 3 HDMI ports, video component, VGA, composite and SCART inputs, digital optical and 3.5mm audio inputs, a general interface slot and a single USB port will be enough for most home settings.

Description: 50PZ850T uses the active 3D glasses

50PZ850T uses the active 3D glasses

Touch features do not force you to pay by other features - 50PZ850T includes DLNA media transmit ability, USB hard drive recording and Internet TV. Unfortunately, Internet TV is limited by LG’s specific apps, so there is no famous name like BBC iPlayer or Five on Demand. LG’s interface may be slow to react, but at least it is easy to navigate – we encountered no problem in playing file from USB drive. File format support is excellent, and all files we tested played appropriately. USB recording ability is quite basic; you have to format the memory bar fisrt and just be able to record one channel per time.

Image quality is not as good as last year’s Sony and Panasonic TVs, but plasma technology helps create extremely excellent black level compared to LCD TVs with the same price. Footage with standard sharpness on TV is quite reasonable, with some noise artcfacts from high-quality channels. Low bandwidth streams sounds rather bad, lacking facial details. HD Blu-ray video is much better, with fresh lines and plenty of details. Colors are a bit light at defaut settings, but we can increase liveliness in menus.

Unlike most LG TVs we have seen since this year, 50PZ850T uses the active 3D glasses in stead of the passive ones. We often prefer passive 3D due to no screen shake, but the glasses accompanied by TV well reduced this impact. They are also lighter than most active glasses although you still need to buy additional glasses ($75/pair from if there are many people want to watch 3D film. There was a little of shadow and crosstalk, so we could watch the film comfortably without resting.

Sound quality was quite basic. Two 10W speakers worked quite well with satellite TV, but we want to use the surround sound system to watch film – the speakers lack bass and are not very loud.

Pentouch is an interesting idea, but complex settings and limited features reduce its attractiveness. Besides, there is a question about the price. You pay much for the pen (LG’s standard Full HD Plasma TV, 50PZ570T, $150 cheaper). 50PZ850T has good image quality, but if you do not intend to use it, there is no reason to pay more for the PenTouch feature.


Description: LG Pentouch 50PZ850T - A well-equipped TV

LG Pentouch 50PZ850T - A well-equipped TV

Verdict. A well-equipped TV, but the addition of PenTouch means that it is not a very good value.

50-inch 3D plasma TV. 1,920 x 1,080 native resolution, 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 3 HDMI inputs, 2 SCARTs, 1 VGA, 1 component, 1 composite, Freeview HD, analogue tuner, one-year RTB warranty

Power consumption. 1W – standby mode, 179W – on mode

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