Fujifilm X-S1(Part 2)

6/13/2012 11:33:00 AM

Description: Main dial, mode dial, manual focus ring, and Fn1 button

Main dial, mode dial, manual focus ring, and Fn1 button

Main dial

Use this dial for menus, adjust EV, shutter speeds and aperture values

Mode dial

Rotate the mode dial to switch between shooting modes including the EXR Auto-modes

Manual focus ring

Use the tactile rubber-covered manual focus ring for greater control during video capture or when shooting close-ups

Fn1 button

A customisable button allows instant access to frequently-used settings.

Description: Focus lamp, flash, body, and focus mode selector

Focus lamp, flash, body, and focus mode selector

Focus lamp

This is designed to assist the camera’s focusing speed in low-light conditions


A button on the side of the finder releases the X-S1’s integrated flash


Both the front and rear body shell is made from engineering plastic

Focus mode selector

Switch between three focus settings: manual, continuous and single-shot AF

Description: White balance, LCD, RAW, and main dial

White balance, LCD, RAW, and main dial

White balance

Specific buttons are used as a short-cut to a sub-menu displayed either on-screen or in the EVF


A large three-including tilting LCD lets you shoot at waist-level and is both bright and reasonably well-detailed


Use the RAW button to instantly switch over from JPEG capture for the next shot

Main dial

Access to the camera’s features is made via the direction pad and main dial on the top plate


EXR sensor

Neighbouring photosites are always the same colour on the X-S1 sensor. It can work with the processor in different ways according to the mode selected.

Fujinon lens

Description: Fujinon lens

The bright lens has a wide aperture at either length of the zoom, which makes it easy to take pictures with a shallow depth of field (click image to enlarge).

The 26x optical zoom is the equivalent to a 24-624mm in 35mm terms. It’s a high-quality 17-element design with four aspheric and two ED glass elements.

Fold-out LCD

The three-inch 460,000 dot fold-out LCD with various display modes is ideal for composing and previewing stills and video captures at waist-or even ground-level.


The EVF is a sharp and contrasty 1.44 million-dot panel with the display options of the rear screen and a proximity sensor to switch between them.

Burst rate

The X-S1 is capable of bursts of up to a super-high speed 10fps and 6MP, or 7fps at full resolution (JPEG). This feature makes it excellent for shooting fast-action sequences.

HD movies

The X-S1 records stereo video clips of up to 29mins at 1920x1080 pixels at 30fps in a Mac-friendly .MOV format, with manual zooming and focus available.

Test shots

Description: Despite being shot at almost the furthest end of the zoom, I was able to keep this trawler sharp, focused and perfectly framed without the aid of a tripod

Despite being shot at almost the furthest end of the zoom, I was able to keep this trawler sharp, focused and perfectly framed without the aid of a tripod

EXR modes

Gain more control with selecting the EXR modes. D-Range Priority and High ISO modes produce 6MP JPEG files and Resolution Priority mode outputs at native resolution

Managing RAW files

The X-S1 comes bundled with Silkypix RAW File Converter EX, a utility for outputting as TIFF or JPEG. You can ‘process’ RAW files in-camera too.


Particular attention has been paid to create high-quality out-of-camera JPEGs with appealing yet highly-saturated colour, rich tones and lots of contrast.

Macro mode

With the X-S1 you can shoot in Macro mode to 30cm or in Super-Macro mode and focus as close as 1cm. easy to capture, macro shots are sharp and detailed.

Film simulation

These presets mimic Fuji’s film profiles and from the basis for JPEG image parameter settings. Choose between Astia, Provia, Velvia and several black-and-white options.

Panorama modes

From the mode dial, follow the on-screen options to create dramatic 120-, 180- or even full 360-degree sweep-style panoramas.

Technical data


Model: Fujifilm X-S1

Price: $1,050



Megapixels (effective): 12.0MP

Max resolution: 4000x3000

Sensor information: 2/3in (6.6x8.8mm) Live MOS sensor

Lens data: 6.1-158.6mm f2.8-5.6 (24-624mm equivalent)

Zoom: 26x optical (image stabilised)

Focus/macro: 1cm-1m

Shutter speed: 30-1/4000sec

ISO sensitivity: A, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400* 12800* (*reduced image size)


Exposure modes: Auto, P, A, S, M, EXR, Adv, SP, C(3), 17 Scene Modes

Metering options: 250-zone, Multi, S, Av

Flash modes: A, RE, Fon, Foff, SS, M, FF, 2ndC


Connectivity: USB, HDMI (mini)

Weight: 920g with batteries

Dimensions: 135 x 107 x 149mm

Batteries: Li-ion

Storage: SDHC, SDXC, UHS-I

LCD: 3.0in (460k dots)

Viewfinder: 0.47in electronic, 1.44M dots

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