Tannoy TFX 5.1 Speaker System

7/30/2012 9:30:14 AM

Ratings: 5/5

Price: $525


Description: Tannoy TFX 5.1

Tannoy TFX 5.1

TFX 5.1 is the upgraded version of the previous speaker system of Tannoy, SFX 5.1. Previous version was awarded Budget Buy, so we are excited to see how the subwoofer is improved, how satellite designs are revised and how new speaker drivers will work.

Satellite speakers are mostly not bigger than a coffee mug. The mixing angles and curves make each satellite speaker have modern design, subtly requited by shiny black surface. Tannoy also made white TFX, but we think the black version looks much better. Tiny poles which are small and indented on each speaker may lead to difficulties in wiring, but whenever you use thick wire only; thin cables in the box are easier to fit into their position. The speaker also comes with wall mounting, so you will not need to buy additional tools to mount each satellite to the wall.

Tannoy TFX 5.1

The subwoofer has spikes at the bottom to prevent it from transmitting vibration to the floor. Spikes are quite sharp, so you have to be careful on the wooden floor. There is phase and power control as well as volume dial and crossover, so you can control the power of the subwoofer directly from the outside. The subwoofer has RCA line-lever inputs and stereo poles; you can connect RCA cable only from LFE output of the surround amplifier to the left channel of the subwoofer if you use crossover of the amplifier, or use line-in stereo or speaker poles to use crossover of the subwoofer. It is a versatile set of inputs that will meet most amplifiers.

Once we have set up the system and started playing a Blu-ray, clearly, TFX system is doing better than its price. Movies are lively and the volume is amazing with such a small system. The center speaker is always clear and loud enough for us to hear the conversation obviously, even during exploded action scenes.

The entire sound spectrum is clear and precise. The interval sound is powerful while high sound is lively but not too high. WideBrand technology of Tannoy is designed to extend tweeter response more than 70kHZ. It is beyond the stretch of human ears, but it also offers enough space to avoid the distortion of speakers, which can occur when high frequency or tone is played. In fact, this system works well and allows us to enjoy big gunfights and screech of tires that don’t push speakers out of their limit.

Despite the compact size, subwoofer presents powerful bas which is enough for a medium-sized living room. It sounds warmer, and we just turn the volume up 50% - however, there is much boom if you want.

Even when the system has been turned to a point we receive complaints from the next room, sound quality of TFX isn’t downgraded; you will annoy your neighbors for a long time before reaching the limit of this speaker.

TFX is excellent value for anyone seeking to overhaul their home cinema speakers. Based on the price, we can’t blame for the sound quality and outstanding design. It won Best Buy award.


Evaluation: TXF is a system with great value and excellent sound.

Home cinema surround speaker: 600W RMS power, 5.1, satellite connection: terminals, subwoofer connections: stereo phono, stereo terminals, 5 years of RTB warranty

Energy consumption: 1W standby, 8W open, 62W active.

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