LG 42LM660T - Slick, Good Looking ‘Cinema Screen’

10/2/2012 9:17:44 AM

Ratings: 4/5

Price: $1125

Description: LG 42LM660T

LG 42LM660T

The LG 42LM660T is a slick, good looking set. It’s a ‘Cinema Screen’ design – the 42in LED screen is framed by a very thin bezel, leaving a display that’s free from any framing distractions and giving the impression of a bigger picture.

This works in perfect partnership with its best feature – 3D performance. This is a passive 3D set, which in our experience makes it less fatiguing on the eyes  - especially over long periods of time. The TV comes with five pairs of light glasses, each with a different colour frame.

Martin Scorsese’s Hugo has been lauded for its excellent 3D, and the LG delivers a great sense of depth and detail. It is certainly one of the most comfortable screens here on which to watch 3D films.

As for traditional, two-dimensional viewing, you have plenty of options from the digital tuner, with Freeview HD channels holding up nicely (although there’s no Freesat tuner). The LG’s colour balance is a touch less rich compared with the more robust rival sets in this test, but pictures are squeaky clean and have plenty of detail. While contrast is competent, this LG can’t quite deliver the deepest pools of black. There’s scope for picture adjustment in the menu settings; we preferred all the picture and sound modes on Standard. This comes down to taste, though, so experiment. The only tweak we’d recommend is increasing the motion processing to +2 – the adjustment makes a difference, especially when watching in 3D.

Good up scaling to 1080p

Switch to a DVD of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, and the LG upscale to 1080p to deliver a clean, relatively noise-free picture – and it is more than capable of handling fast-action sequences.

Sound quality on modern TV sets is always thin, and the LG is no exception. We’d pair it up with a decent soundbar at a minimum for the best results.

LG consistently makes operating its TVs a user-friendly experience. The user interface and programmer guide are logical and neatly displayed. The friendly functionally also extends to LG’s remote controls – you get two, one traditional remote and a LG specialty: the Magic Remote Control. It’s a sleek, curved wand with a wheel that fits comfortably in your hand, and you can use it like a computer mouse. It has a responsive cursor that makes it easy to point and click at screen options.

A 2012 TV wouldn’t be complete without extensive smart features.

There’s a whole host of online content at your fingertips through LG’s App store and Premium video-on-demand services. You can buy and download various entertainment, news and educational apps from the App store, while the likes of BBCiPlayer, LoveFilm, YouYube and Acetrax mean the latest films and catch-up TV are just a few clicks away. You’ll find Twitter, Facebook and Skype (with an external camera), while Smart Share gives you access to stored media.

This LG is a likable set. Rivals such as Sony and Samsung have the edge in outright picture performance, but if you watch lots of 3D the LG is your best bet.

Remote control app

Name: LG Magic

Ratings: 4/5

Price: Free

Devices: Android, iOS

Description: LG Magic

LG Magic

The app is designed to match the interface of the TV itself, with the Premium and My Apps section laid out in a grid pattern. The touch pad is pleasantly responsive and the main controls are simple to use, but rival apps have more style and more controls.


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