Sharepoint 2010 : Administering Enterprise Content Management - Document Management (part 12) - Digital Asset Management

2/11/2014 1:44:24 AM

Accessibility and Markup

The XHTML and cascading style sheet (CSS) have been simplified in SharePoint 2010 to reduce rendering time, and they are not WCAG 2.0 AA-compliant to meet accessibility requirements. Browser support for SharePoint 2010 has been expanded to include Firefox 3, Safari 3, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.

Content Query

Changes to the Content Query Web Part enable you to present cross-list views of content that are filtered on managed metadata fields.Content authors have browser-based control over the fields/columns that appear in results presented by the Web Part, and page designers can create page layouts that contain cross-list views that respond to other content on the page. All of these features are available without the need to learn the complexities of XML or XSL.


Ratings provide a new way for your users to express themselves by giving them the ability to rate content from any list or library. Use dynamic Web Parts that are based on the ratings metadata to filter, sort, and query content, which can add a whole new dynamic dimension to your content.


Page libraries now support folders, providing greater scalability and making it easier to organize libraries that store large numbers of pages. Using the Content Organizer, you can create rules that allow for the automatic movement of content to a folder based on the supplied metadata.

Page Authoring

The new page authoring experience includes the addition of the familiar context-based Ribbon interface, making it easier access the controls you need without having to hunt between pages or menus to find the function you need. The Ribbon fully integrates the page authoring experience with the publishing approval workflow process and content deployment functions. A full-featured HTML editor provides a cross-browser rich-text editor for editing Web page content in Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3, and Safari 3.

Themes and Branding

The entire themes engine has been rebuilt for SharePoint 2010 to provide a more powerful and flexible style-driven interface that is fully customizable from the browser. This allows site administrators and designers to manipulate the user experience from a Web-based user interface even if they have little or no CSS knowledge. The themes library comes filled with many out-of-the-box options so that you can quickly and easily customize a theme to meet your organization’s specific design requirements.

Digital Asset Management

As the prevalence of rich media continues to grow, the information worker must store and access such content far more often. Whether the media files are images, video, or audio, there is a greater need than ever to store and manage this content in an intelligent way. In prior versions of SharePoint, you could store images easily enough, but audio and video made high demands on the architecture, and many organizations elected to block most common audio and video file types. Even if this were not the case, file upload limits often made it impractical to store such content within the system. SharePoint 2010 introduces new features and capabilities that have been designed and built specifically for storing, managing, using, and accessing rich media files.

A new Asset Library feature allows branded images, video, and other reusable content fragments from Microsoft Office applications to be quickly and easily stored and managed. Enterprise-managed metadata greatly enhances users’ ability to find digital assets within these new libraries. Asset libraries are based on the standard SharePoint document library, so you get all the same metadata-driven navigation features in addition to new thumbnail-centric views, preview on hover, and video playback. The following sections cover the new and enhanced features available within SharePoint 2010 for digital asset management, including

  • New content types

  • Video streaming infrastructure

  • User interface

New Content Types

New content types have been added to the system to support the storage and playback of audio and video assets. These new content types can be found in a new Digital Asset Content Types group within the Site Content Types gallery. Table 17 lists the new content types with explanations of what each type can do.

Table 17. New Digital Asset Content Types



Rich Media Asset

Upload an asset. This is the base content type for digital assets within the system. Each of the three following content types is derived from this content type. This content type includes fields for Preview, Thumbnail Preview, and Keywords.


Upload an audio file. Based on the Asset content type. Includes all of the fields from the Asset content type in addition to Author, Comments, Preview Image URL, Copyright, and Length (seconds).


Upload an image. Based on the Asset content type. Includes all of the fields from the Asset content type in addition to Picture Size, Comments, Author, Date Picture Taken, and Copyright.


Upload a video file. Based on the Asset content type. Includes all of the fields from the Asset content type in addition to Author, Comments, Preview Image URL, Copyright, Length (seconds), Frame Width, and Frame Length.

As always, you can create your own content types based on the supplied content types to meet your specific needs. For example, you can add new custom columns or field controls to a custom content type.

Video Streaming Infrastructure

SharePoint 2010 includes updates to the disk-cache management features that support the publication and streaming of digital video assets. These enhancements greatly reduce the performance strain on the Web front-end servers while streaming video, allowing you to store more video within SharePoint and making that video available immediately. 

User Interface

Enhancements to the user interface enable the seamless playback of audio and video files in Web pages. A new multimedia player that is based on Microsoft Silverlight technology and an updated page model allow designers to apply skin to the player in order to provide a completely branded experience for the end user. The media player supports many popular video formats, including WMV and MP4. Because the new media player leverages Silverlight, as support for additional media formats and codecs become available, SharePoint will be able to take full advantage of those updates. The digital asset library provides a preview mode for audio and video files, and a new asset picker makes it quick and easy to find just the right rich media element for your purpose.

The asset library provides the following significant optimizations for digital assets.

  • Thumbnail-centric view

  • Metadata extraction for images

  • RSS/podcasting support

  • Hover preview with streaming

Figure 29 shows an asset library in action, with images and a hover preview.

An example of a digital asset library with images and a hover preview

Figure 29. An example of a digital asset library with images and a hover preview


SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management features support multiple approaches to managing data, documents, Web, and digital content. A new capability for standardizing the way unstructured information is stored within the system allows you to mitigate risk and improve compliance. An easy-to-use interface with an intuitive design gives users incentives to capture metadata, making information more discoverable. New Web content management capabilities allow you to manage your Web sites and Web content more efficiently. In-place records management and the Content Organizer provide you with maximum flexibility to manage high-value record content. Finally, the architectural improvements relating to document storage and video streaming allow you to scale libraries to millions of documents and provide users with almost instant video response.

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