Corsair Obsidian 800D

7/9/2012 9:21:48 AM

 ‘This isn’t a case that makes it clear how expensive it is.’

Corsair’s first ever case is getting on for three years old, but the fact that it’s still being sold is testament to its staying power. A full tower with five 5.25” bays, four hot-swappable 3.5” /2.5” bays, two normal 3.5” and eight expansion slots, you’ll fit a lot of kit into here before it gets even close to full. Cooling is provided by a 140mm drive bay fan, a 140mm lower compartment, a 140mm exhaust fan and no less than four optional 120mm fans ( three top mounted, one fan-bay).

Description: Corsair Obsidian 800D

Even for a full tower, this is a large case. It’s over 60cm tall and weighs 10kg before you’ve put anything in it. The design, however, is almost minimalist. From the outside it’s monolithic (in the Arthur C Clarke sense), but the lack of frills may put some people off. This isn’t a case that makes it clear how expensive it is.

There are no LEDs, no exterior flourishes, no features that’ll impress others. All of the care has been taken internally, with cable tidying features and segmented compartments. There is a window so that you can see in, but unless you break out your own lighting, there won’t be a huge amount to see.


A practically invisible flip-down faceplate reveals I/O ports and a reset button. A push-to-open door reveals the hard drive bays, which can be hot-swapped without the need to open the chassis up.

There are a few hidden design features that indicate the level of engineering here. A practically invisible flip-down faceplate reveals I/O ports and a reset button. A push-to-open door reveals the hard drive bays, which can be hot-swapped without the need to open the chassis up. The doors can also be mounted to pen from either side, depending on which you prefer. And the side panels can be popped off at the push of a button (although this isn’t hugely secure if you’re moving the case around).

Its age does come with some negative effects, though: there’s no sign of USB3.0 or eSATA connections. At this price, you could reasonably expect both. For a case aimed at enthusiasts, the lack of these features if probably enough to put them off, and ultimately there are better-looking, more modern cases you could buy for the same money.





Full tower

5.25’’ bays


3.5’’ bays



A good case when it was launched, but it’s nearing the end of its life cycle now.


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