Preparing Your Windows 8 PC : Connecting to Wireless Networks

9/25/2012 9:12:19 PM
Today, in this age of always-on everything, we often move among various Wi-Fi networks during the day. At the office, you’re part of the corporate network. At home, you have your home network. When you stop at the coffee shop, you browse on their dime.

Windows 8 is set up to discover networks in your local area and will connect to your own network automatically. You probably noticed that one of the first things Windows 8 Consumer Preview did during setup was establish your wireless connection. You can choose the connections you want to use and control the way Windows 8 accesses those networks.

>>>step-by-step: Connecting to an Available Network

You’ll find the network settings in the Settings charm, located at the bottom of the Charms bar.

1. Swipe left to display the Windows 8 Charms bar along the right edge of the screen. If you’re using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the Start screen to display the Charms.

2. Tap or click Settings.


3. Tap or click the network icon displaying your current Internet connection. Windows 8 lists all network connections in your area.


4. Tap or click the connection you want to change.

5. If you want Windows 8 to connect to the network automatically, click or tap the Connect Automatically checkbox.

6. Tap or click Connect to connect to the network immediately. Similarly, if you want to disconnect from a network to which you’re connected, tap or click the Disconnect button.


>>> Go Further: Repairing Network Connections

If for some reason you’re having trouble connecting to the Internet, Windows 8 can help you identify the problem and correct it. On the Windows 8 Start screen, begin typing repair network connection.

The phrase appears in the Search Settings box. Tap or click Settings. In the results list on the left side of the screen, tap or click Identify and Repair Network Problems. This launches Windows Network Diagnostics and a troubleshooting utility investigates the connection problem. Complete any steps as suggested by the troubleshooter; if no problems are found, the troubleshooter closes without any further action from you.

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