Sharepoint 2013 : See What Files or List Items Are Waiting for Your Approval, Synchronize a Library or Folder Using SkyDrive Pro

9/17/2013 4:03:54 AM

1. See What Files or List Items Are Waiting for Your Approval

Scenario/Problem: You are the approver on a list or library, and you need to see what files or list items other users have submitted for your approval.

Solution: When a list or library is set to require content approval, views are added to the regular list views to help you manage the approval of files or list items. You see those views only if you have approval permissions on the list or library.

To see what files are waiting for your approval, switch to the Approve/Reject Items view . The Approve/Reject Items view shows you all the items, grouped by their status. To see the ones that are awaiting approval, look under the Pending group (see Figure 1).


FIGURE 1 The Pending group shows files or items awaiting approval.

2. Synchronize a Library or Folder Using SkyDrive Pro

Scenario/Problem: You want to work on a copy of a SharePoint library or folder offline, and then add, edit, or remove files from that folder or library by working on your local machine.

Solution: With SkyDrive Pro, a Microsoft Office 2013 app, you can synchronize a folder in your desktop to SharePoint. If SkyDrive Pro is installed on your desktop, you can open the document library you want, and click on the Sync button in the top of the ribbon, as shown in Figure 2.


FIGURE 2 The Sync button at the top of the ribbon when viewing a document library.

After you click the Sync button, a Microsoft SkyDrive Pro dialog appears asking you to confirm you want to synchronize the library to your computer; it also allows you to set where on your desktop you want the synchronized files to be, as shown in Figure 3.


FIGURE 3 The SkyDrive Pro synchronization confirmation dialog allows you to change where the files from the library will be copied to on your desktop.

To finish, click the Sync Now button. SkyDrive Pro then copies the files to your desktop. You can click on the Show My Files button in the dialog that opens to open the folder where you chose the files to be downloaded to.

Managing Synchronized Files

When you open a folder that is managed by SkyDrive Pro on your desktop, you will notice that the files’ icons have marks on them, signaling their status when compared to the server version, as shown in Figure 4.


FIGURE 4 Synchronized files on your desktop will have different icons signifying their synchronization status.

If you edit a file on your desktop and save it, SkyDrive Pro will automatically attempt to upload the new version to the document library. If you copy a file to the folder, SkyDrive Pro will automatically attempt to upload that file to the document library. While the files have not been uploaded successfully, the files’ icons will have a blue mark in the shape of two round arrows pointing at each other on them showing that they are still being synchronized, as shown in Figure 5.


FIGURE 5 The files that have been copied to the folder are being uploaded to SharePoint automatically.


If you delete a file from the synchronized folder, it will be deleted from the document library. If you need to recover it, you can either use your desktop’s Recycle Bin, or the site’s Recycle Bin .

Managing Synchronized Folders

If problems occurred while a folder was synchronizing, or if you want to view the list of all synchronized folders on your desktop, open the SkyDrive Pro app on your desktop. You can usually find the SkyDrive Pro icon in your taskbar. Right-clicking that icon will give you such options (shown in Figure 6) as opening your SkyDrive Pro folder (shown in Figure 7, Sync Now, Pause Syncing, and so on).


FIGURE 6 Right-clicking the SkyDrive Pro icon in the desktop’s taskbar.


FIGURE 7 The list of synchronized folders on your desktop that opens.

If a folders did not synchronize properly, it will have a red mark on its icon. You can then right-click the folder, choose SkyDrive Pro from the context menu, and then choose to view the synchronization issues, which will have various tools to troubleshoot the issues and retry the synchronization.

To remove a synchronized folder, right-click the SkyDrive Pro icon in your taskbar and select Stop Syncing a Folder. This opens a dialog with the list of synchronized folders, allowing you to select the folder and stop syncing.

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