Cooler Master HAF Stacker Range

4/20/2014 11:51:14 AM
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Cooler Master HAF Stacker Range

A crazy amount of versatility, and a truly crazy amount of build options. But only for the most serious of builders and gamers.

We’ve said of a few products over the years that they may not be for everyone.

So, it doesn’t quite seem nearly as strong a phrase as we need to explain the sheer niche value of Cooler Master’s smashing together of the HAF (which stands for high air flow) series and the modular Stacker series.


Now it's time for Cooler Master to further add to
its range once again, this time with the Cooler Master HAF 932

So let’s just say it’s bonkers and get on with it.

Lunacy aside, this modular, stackable, high-performance family (and a mighty in-bred family it is, too) offers some incredible build options. For instance, if you want to put together a render farm machine that can also still play games while you’re rebuilding the Battle of Pelennor Fields in 4K resolution, this is the case for you BitCoin mining? You bet. A game box that has a built-in, detachable Steam Machine, or a guest machine for when random PC gamers drop round? And both built in such a way that you can actually detach the smaller system to take to a LAN event? Yeah.

The Battle of Pelennor Fields

The HAF Stacker has pretty much every base covered. And for a fully water-cooled, overclocked performance rig, this range would excel, as there’s room for radiators and cooling loops all over the place.

The series consists of three (or four, depending) individual units, that you can purchase separately. The 915F is a great little Mini-ITX case with a front-mounted PSU, and room for lots of cooling on the CPU - though video card length does suffer. It would make a great Home theatre build, but is rather long. The 915R mounts the PSU just above the motherboard, but does have room for more than one optical bay. Then there’s the monolith-sized 935, which combines a 915R and a 925 tower.

And you can stack all of them, in a bewildering array of configurations.

You can even do neat things like have your PSU and storage systems in one case, and everything else in thermally discrete areas.

Cooler Master HAF Stacker 915R

It’s all amazingly engineered, too, with every panel and moving part feeling precise and crisp. The HAF styling is a little more understated than in previous generations, but still has a bit of an aggressive gaming edge to the design. It’s without doubt an excellent achievement in case design, and there are a tonne of things we can think to build into the cases - but whether or not it’s anything we really need is the debatable thing.

If you must have the cutting edge in home server farms or machine-on-machine gaming, great. Otherwise, look on in awe, but back away slowly. This is the rare case where we’re scoring a product very highly, but just can’t bring ourselves to recommend it to all users.


·         HAF 915:228 x 248 x 578mm; 5.1kg; 2x expansion slots; lx 5.25in drive

·         bays, 3x 3.5in drive bays; lx 120mm fan (rear); 2x USB3, audio ports.

·         HAF 915R: 228 x 248 x 578mm; 5.5kg; 2x expansion slots; lx 5.25in

·         drive bays (plus 3x in cage), 3x 3.5in drive bays (converted); lx 92mm fan (front); 2x USB3, audio ports.

·         HAF 935:235 x 719 x 578mm; 15.6kg; 8+lx expansion slots; 3+lx 5.25in

·         drive bays, 9x 3.5in drive bays; 2x 120mm fan plus lx 92mm fan (front),

·         1x140mm fan (rear); 2x USB3,2x USB2, audio ports.



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