Share Photos From Your Android Phone

11/5/2012 1:30:20 AM

Upload and share your latest photographs with friends and family straight from your smartphone

Android phones have been designed by Google to be multimedia powerhouses. They are capturing quality photographs and recording sounds. But getting your latest homemade media off your smartphone and on to the internet needn’t involve plugging your phone into a computer – in fact, you can upload and send files straight from the phone itself.

Description: Share Photos From Your Android Phone

Share Photos From Your Android Phone

It’s a very easy process, too, and once you know your way around the gallery app, you’ll be able to share your memories with anyone in the world. Bear in mind that sending large files is likely to have a significant impact on the amount of your data allowance you use, and to avoid additional costs, you should connect your smartphone to the internet via Wi-Fi possible.

Share your media

1.    Gallery location

Description: Gallery location

Your Android device comes with a built-in gallery for viewing photos and other media on the phone. You can usually find it under ‘All programs’ and ‘Gallery’, or you can get to it quickly and easily by opening your camera application and hitting the ‘Gallery’ icon, which you’ll usually find in the bottom-right.

2.    Browse away

Description: Browse away

Gallery applications open on the most recent shot taken by the camera, and a swipe to the left shows older photos. You can gat a thumbnail view of all the photos in the album by pressing ‘Back’, and if you’ve got multiple albums, you can see them all by pressing the ‘Back’ key again.

3.    Sharing options

Description: Sharing options

Pressing and long-holding on any photo brings up the option to share it, but the choices vary depending on the apps you’ve got installed. Bluetooth, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and email are always available, though. If you have Flickr or Picasa apps installed, these are also displayed here.

4.    Sending an MMS

Description: Sending an MMS

Multimedia messages can contain photos and short videos, and appear on the recipient’s phone in the same manner as a text message. To send one, choose ‘MMS’ from the Share menu, and enter the recipient’s phone number at the top. Add text if you want to, and click ‘Send MMS’ when you’re ready.

5.    Email your images

Description: Email your images

Emailing pictures is a great way to share photos, and the file size limits are far bigger than for MMS. Click ‘email’ or ‘Gmail’ under the Share menu, and a new email is created with the file already attached. Add your recipient’s email address, and a subject and body text, and click ‘Send’ when it’s complete.

6.    YouTube your videos

Description: YouTube your videos

Videos are often too big to email or MMS. Luckily, the YouTube app enables you to upload from your phone. Find the video, choose ‘Share’, then select ‘YouTube’. You can set a title, and under ‘More details’ you can add a description. Choose ‘Unlisted’ to share a link only with people you want to see it. When ready, click ‘Upload’.

7.    Share multiple items

Description: Share multiple items

Long-pressing on a photo in thumbnail view brings up a tick box, and you can tap them to choose more than one. Once you’ve selected the items you want to send, click ‘Share’ again to send them all at once. Be warned that MMS has stringent limits on how many items can be sent at once, though.

8.    Share your best shots

Description: Share your best shots

You now understand how to share all the photos and videos on your phone via a number of services. Remember that you can use other services – such as Facebook and Dropbox – to upload your memories, too, and that once something’s uploaded, you can share it simply by copying the web address into emails.

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