All About Nexus 7 (Part 3)

11/3/2012 9:32:39 AM

It’s quite fair to say that Nexus 7 has been the best Android tablet hitherto and being a tablet defines not only how Android tablet should be but also where the tablet is ranked. Before, tablets were almost considered as luxury goods which users didn’t always make excuse for buying it. With $239 for 8GB model, Nexus 7 is getting close to speeding up purchasing power without compromises and dissatisfactions related to other budget devices you can find in stores. With user-friendly 7inch appearance, we could see that people are choosing this device for e-books or watching broadcasts during train to workplace.

Despite the best efforts for Android’s authorized users, tablet market has been now dominated by iPad and Kindle. Fire was introduced in North America last year and took over 14% market shares and more than 50% Android market. It also had cheap price but specs were mediocre, with slower dual-core processor, half of RAM storage and screen which had lower resolution than that of Nexus 7. It was not available in any other places of the world. While we were writing this article, Amazon was preparing for a global release of the tablet that we had higher expectation than Google’s device. Though, Kindle Fire is also a distinctive device with distinctive UI as well as its own store containing apps and contents of Amazon, which is too wonderful that we could consider it as an Android device. It is surely what should be taken into account when you are considering pros and cons of each device. Compared with iPad, Nexus 7 belongs to another level, according to the difference between 7inch screen and 10inch one. Besides, iPad costs twice. Consequently, Nexus 7 gets very close to compare with what iPad has provided.

The new Jelly Bean is elegant and fast enough to inactivate criticism saying that iOS provides better experience and superior features to Android. Graphic speed and ability of Nexus 7 can rival iPad, and although its display is not as hi-end as new iPad’s Retina screen, Nexus 7 easily surpasses iPad 2’s display.

Description: Although its display is not as hi-end as new iPad’s Retina screen, Nexus 7 easily surpasses iPad 2’s display.

Although its display is not as hi-end as new iPad’s Retina screen, Nexus 7 easily surpasses iPad 2’s display.

iPad still has advantages over Nexus 7 thanks to apps that come in varieties optimized for iOS tablet better than Android ones. This is such an unsatisfying factor which Google is hoping to solve on their first tablet – even Twitter, one of the biggest names, did develop specialized apps for iPhone and iPad but there was only one version for Android.

It is rumored that iPad’s new 7inch version would come by autumn. Although Steve Jobs overstated that the company was not willing to lower the price and they thought that the display was so small that users had to roughen their fingers to use them. Though, it is unavoidable that this lightness and slimness lead to new battle of tablets, yet this time Android doesn’t chase after but lead all.

One thing changes the game

It is sure that Nexus 7 will change the game. It is the first tablet that has not only public attention but also budget price. 7inch screen size plays an important role – you may argue that the future is for hybrid models such as Asus Transformer Prime and Windows 8’s devices while compact will be more common everywhere. By raising values, all unpopular things shown on your local shop would get pricier. It is interesting to watch reactions from other competitors including not only Apple and Amazon but also Samsung, HTC and Sony.

Nexus 7 has room for upgrades – for instance, you can insert one memory card for instantly improvement in power – but until it still appears as the best Android tablet and maybe the best model in any form.

Jelly Bean – essential changes

Although Jelly Bean update is not Android’s big renovation, it brings a lot of improvements for operation in particular and your device in general, plus makes things work faster and more easily. Jelly Bean might not be remarkable at first, yet it turns out to be the most complicated Android OS until now. These are 4 considerable changes which Jelly Bean has brought.

Google Now

This is an update based on your location and favorite as well as browsing history. When you use Google to find something, Google Now will give you information following location and other criteria. How smart it is!

Changes in UI

Called as Butter project, Google adjusted UI for smoother operation. Loading time between menus gets as fast as lightning and time for quitting apps is too.

New notification menu

Dropping notification menu has completely changed via which users can react to emails and calls.  The menu also connects to third-party apps, such as Tune-In Radio.

Improved data input

A brand-new keyboard prevents you from typing mistaken keys. Plus, dictionary has also been considerably improved to learn from your typing habit and favorites, according to your regularly used words. Such intelligent!

Description: Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean

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