All About Nexus 7 (Part 4)

11/3/2012 9:32:41 AM

Google Now

Combined with Google Search’s best features plus your digital profile

Search function

You can make search via Google by clicking search bar on top of the screen. Similarly, you are able to press microphone to start search things by voice.

Checking panels

Anytime when a new panel pops up on Google Now, you will be warned of it by a notification. This informs you of the panel’s style and gives you instant access to it by clicking notification.

Setting priority

The more you interact with panels, the more priority Google gives to them. You can also adjust setting for each panel by opening Settings.

Personal configurations

Each panel has own settings which are customizable according to your demand and entered via an icon on the top right of each panel.

Links with other apps

Some panels you face will instantly link to other apps. For instance, Places panel will link you to Google Maps for detailed view of a place once you press More details.

Phone UI

Nexus 7 owns Phone UI, which means notification box is dragged from the screen’s top. However, when you install apps, the interface optimized for tablet will be applied availably.

Nice display

The screen has wide viewing angle and vivid display. It is also not too big to view in bright condition.

Description: The screen has wide viewing angle and vivid display.

The screen has wide viewing angle and vivid display.

Easy recharging

It is quite odd for a tablet, Nexus 7 is charged through micro-USB slot. When official cable is used, a recharge takes around 3 hours. Besides, the device is well compatible with cables of other devices such as Samsung Galaxy S III.

Key position

You will clearly see that power button and volumes keys are place too close to each other, which frequently make you wrongly press them.

Start to understand Google Now

Google Now is a unique combination of Google Search and information relating to your life as well as your device. The feature itself doesn’t require configuration done by users. Instead, it works around the clock to provide you with surrounding important information including weather forecast, travelling, sport report…

By sliding the screen from bottom to top, you will open Google Now immediately. At first start, you will be given a short visit to what are included and how to use and make adjustment. Google Now’s design is completely made of panels which will change according to your interaction.

When you are walking, Google Now would automatically update related panels. For example, we may pass a bus stop and Google Now will supply us with the latest bus routes. The detail of info given by Google Now is awesome. Selection for panels and topics is quite large with panels for traffic, public transport, dates (synchronized with Google Calendar), places (synchronized with Google Map), weather forecast, currency and translation. Despite options, they are mostly used for getting weather updates and street direction.

Level of notifications received from Google Now totally depends on your position and you may get more benefits if living right in the cities instead of rural areas. By any mean, Google Now is a great supplement for Android and it shows Google’s innovative experiences.

Description: Google Now is a unique combination of Google Search and information relating to your life as well as your device.

Google Now is a unique combination of Google Search and information relating to your life as well as your device.

Start with Google Now

Google Now needs few attempts to configure and use but in your first start, you may encounter problem finding it. Take a look at these quick instructions during when we will be guiding you through basic principle of using Jelly Bean’s biggest features.

Step 1

Either you are in lock screen or main screen, by sliding from bottom to top, Google Now’s icon will pop up for you to type and open.

Step 2

Follow instructions because they show you how to command. When finishing, scrolling and observe carefully panels as well as sample panels provided.

Step 3

Press Options icon in one of the panels to adjust configurations. This can optimize your regularly visited panels.

Jelly Bean: Promote boundary

Voice recognition

Find what you want by your own voice

Google’s search function via voice appeared irregular in previous updates though with Google Now, it has been enhanced and improved for easier use. Through Google Now, by pressing a microphone on search bar, you can start search by voice. On this screen’s top right, you will monitor your volume to make sure that your voice is understandable. It’s hard to try to balance your voice to hear clearly and you have to repeat adjusting.

Request for basic functions for forecasting weather or finding a restaurant in your area will show you this feature’s strength. Instantly, you would be prompted with panels and screens in reply to your questions. Asking any question related to geography will immediately open Google Maps while GPS is running. However, with more detailed questions, Google’s voice detection starts to malfunctions. Even after synchronized with Google Calendar, finding dates and places will be greeted with a virtual shrug. Then, you will be moved to Google Search resulting what you said.

It is not perfect but Jelly Bean’s voice recognition has been the best until now. Integration with other apps makes the system work easily, except for Calendar, allowing it to become a new supplement for not only the device but also your later regular use.

Voice detection

We said: “Show us all flights from Bournemouth”

Places tab was instantly loaded from Google Now’s UI and it allowed us to identify the airport exactly but we received little information about flights from or to our requested airport.

We said: “When will our next appointment be?”

Despite the synchronization of Google Now with Google Calendar plus our appointments, it couldn’t show us when our next appointment would be and it made a search on Google, instead. This was such disappointed.

We said: “Show us the nearest restaurant”

It worked perfectly and we were immediately given details of the nearest restaurant in Places tab as well as an option for receiving smart guides. Pressing it would open Google Maps.

We said: “How about the weather?”

Although our sentence was not completed, it showed us a panel displaying the latest weather report of local area. However, different weather icons took time to load.


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