Can You Mix Your Own Cocktail Using Your Android Phone?

11/24/2012 2:57:12 PM

Nothing beats the taste of a well-mixed cocktail, and especially one that uses the right ingredients. Although it may look easy to create one from scratch, cocktails in fact require precise measurements, the right combination of ingredients and a good eye for the right mini umbrella to garnish the glass. In previous challenges we’ve managed to cook decent meals using the apps available to us from the Play store, and to complement our meals, we’ve tracked down some of the best apps to help us create authentic cocktails. Liver, we apologise in advance!

Choose your poison

There are thousands of cocktails out there, so you’ll never be short of things to try out, and alter to your taste buds. Our first step was to take a look at all of the cocktails we could make by using the Cocktail Flow app. This app houses details about a variety of different cocktails, as well as individual details about each listed cocktail, including their origin. You’ll also find images of what the finished product should look like, just in case you go wrong along the way.

Cocktail Flow is a great starting point

Tip Every cocktail listed with Cocktail Flow also includes a list of drinks that are of a similar taste or style so you can explore other drinks the app might think you would like to taste.

Any cocktail you find you can favourite to have quick access to it at a later date, and the app will also suggest similar cocktails that might take your fancy.

If you aren’t impressed by the selection of cocktails on offer within the Cocktail Flow app, you’ll be able to find many more apps, such as SOS Cocktail, with a varied directory of cocktails for you to try out.

Tip For people looking to get into the world of mixology, then the Cocktail Flow app comes with its very own bartenders' guide that will talk you through the basics of cocktail making, types of glassware, and the different bar tools you'll encounter along your way.

As you research some of your favourite cocktails, you'll soon notice that a lot of cocktails have several variants of it, ultimately changing the overall taste and the level of difficulty it takes to mix it.

Source the alcohol

After deciding on the various cocktails we wanted to try, we needed to source a few different spirits from various locations. We downloaded the Drinktini app to help us with this issue. The app holds over 4,000 classic cocktail recipes, as well as a great search system for finding specific cocktails based on their main ingredients. By typing in our post code, we were able to find some off licenses in our area, as well as locate stores that had specific types of vodka we were looking for.

Description: Drinktini - Cocktail Recipes

Drinktini - Cocktail Recipes

Tip Use apps like ASDA and Tesco to check the prices you can expect to pay for certain spirits in-store. It's usually cheaper to buy spirits at off licenses, rather than bigger chains.

On a few occasions we were faced with a couple of variants of the same vodka brand, and referred to Drinktini to tell us the difference between them, and get a full review of each one. After travelling around using Google Maps as our search navigator, based on the addresses Drinktini gave us, we were able to pick most of the spirits we were looking for, and were ready to start mixing!

Tip To be able to search for stores easily, you'll need to make sure you have the GPS enabled on your device. To make sure your GPS is enabled, access it through the settings on your device.

Create your concoction

After getting our head around which spirit and soft drink went where, we were ready to start making our first batch of cocktails. The Mixologist app is the ultimate app in terms of recipes for cocktails, and helping you measure out units of alcohol. After finding our cocktails of choice within the app, we used the measuring feature to help us differentiate between imperial and metric units, and started following the recipe closely.

Recipes are generally easy to follow, and the step-by-step

Description: Discover and make new cocktails with Mixology

Discover and make new cocktails with Mixology

Tip The Mixologist app is also a great way to discover more information, and recipes, for a variety of shots. Who doesn't want to know how to make your very own jelly shots?!

Guide includes pictures for you to check how your final effort should look. Although our first attempt at mixing a cocktail was a bit too vodka heavy for our liking, the Mixologist app lists its recipes in order of difficulty, meaning we would be able to start with a slightly easier drink next time.

Tip The ‘Liquor Cabinet’ within the app keeps track of every cocktail you have mixed.

Success Rating 100%

Verdict: Complete

There are plenty of apps that you can use to help get started with mixing cocktails. Recipes are very helpful, and most apps start from the ground up, meaning you won’t be overawed. We especially liked being able to see the local off licenses in our area, and even see the price of the spirits and liquor we were looking for. We did have a stinker of a hangover in the morning, however!

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