Managing Alarms - Take Control Of Your Device’s Alarm

11/24/2012 2:56:53 PM

Take control of your device’s alarm settings and get your dream wake-up call

Every device has a clock - it is an integral part of the experience, and accompanying the clock is always an alarm. An alarm is typically used as a wake-up call or as a timer. Like all good alarms, Android users can set up multiple alarms to go off at different times and for different days of the week.

Once an alarm’s kick-off time has been selected there are a number of options that can be applied. The alarm sound can be selected from a list of specialist alarm-type sounds, or as an alternative, other system sounds and music found on your device. Alarms can be used as a single event or can be set up to repeat on selected days of the week. Alarms even have the option to choose a selected snooze duration.


A user can reduce the Alarms hst size by deleting unwanted alarms. Start by tapping Delete at the top of the screen. This will display all the current alarms. Select, with a single tap, the unwanted alarms and tap Delete to remove

Add alarm

Hit Add alarm. This presents the Set alarm screen; spin the Hour and Minute wheels to create the preferred alarm time. To help identify the alarm, tap Description and add a tit and toggle on/off for the vibrate settings


An alarm can be assigned to any day of the week, either as a single day or multiple days. To modify or add specific days, select an alarm and tap Repeat. This will list all the days of the week. Switch between on and off for each day

Alarm sound

An alarm needs a sound. This can be soothing or startling. To choose a preterre sound select an alarm followed by Alarm sound. Choose from Ringtone or Music and preview a sound with a single tap. To complete the process tap Apply

Use presets

A set of predefined alarms are displayed which represent typical times and days for a working week. To activate a specific alarm, simply tap the associated tick ico. A message will be displayed stating that the alarm is set for so many hours and minutes from now

Description:  User can able to set multiple alarms

 User can able to set multiple alarms

Managing an alarm’s setting

An alarm will need to wake up or warn the user, and a little fine-tuning helps. Here’s how to adjust snooze times, alarm volume and button behaviour

Time to snooze

It is almost guaranteed that the first time an alarm sounds it is switched off to snooze. To define how much snooze time an alarm has, tap Snooze duration and select from the options.

Wake up

 An alarm needsto be as loud, or quiet, as necessary to wake up or grab attention. The volume of an alarm can be set as high or as low as desired by simply selecting Alarm volume.

Button behaviour

Once alarm goes off it needs to be dealt with quickly. The app’s settings has three options that can be applied to your side button. Select from None, Snooze or Dismiss.


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