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Free up some storage by erasing your cache data

1Tap Eraser

1Tap Eraser

The cache is a component that stores data that is frequently used, such as login details to social media sites and email accounts. If you're an avid browser, then chances are you're going to have a pretty extensive library of cache data, which ultimately will take up valuable bits of storage on your device.

If you haven't previously erased your cache, you might find the data stored there quite tricky to access, so instead you can use an application to do the work for you. In this tutorial we'll be using the free iTap Eraser app to help you effortlessly, and simply, remove all the cached data on your Android device.

1.    Check your data

After downloading and installing ITap Eraser, open It up and take a look at all the data currently stored in your cache. The home screen will display each section of your cache, and how much data each section stores. Tick the boxes next to each option to add them to your erasing list.

2.    Choose individual files

If there are certain sections from which you want to save a few bits of data from, then press on that section on the home screen. From here you can select individual messages, phone numbers, passwords and login details that you want to save, while the rest will be added to your eraser list.

3.    Open external app

Near the bottom of the app you’ll find links to your history In both the Chrome and YouTube app. Opening these tabs will let you select the parts of the cached data within these apps that you want to add to the list of data you’re about to erase.

4.    Confirm eraser

After making your way through the entire list of cached data you can choose to select from, double-check to make sure you have everything ticked to confirm you want to erase. Scroll to the bottom of the 1Tap Eraser application and select the Erase tab. You'll now see a run-down of the data you’re clearing; press the Continue button to confirm the action.

5.    Did it work?

Depending on how much data you’re erasing, the process can take anywhere from two to ten minutes to complete. Once done you’ll be taken back to the app to see all the files that were removed. Go through the sections to make sure all the data you requested to be removed was erased, and if not, just repeat the process.

Before confirming, make sure all the files you have selected to erase are listed

Explore the Google Now service

Dig a little deeper and you'll find plenty of new features to utilise...

For many, Google Now is the premier feature that was included with the Android 4.1 update.

Despite it being a comprehensive way of getting information regarding your life, via a unique card system, there are plenty of cards many people will have yet to discover. If you don't use your phone regularly, or have the GPS on your device disabled, chances are you've probably only tipped the iceberg of possible cards for you to uncover.

Explore the Google Now service

Explore the Google Now service

There are a series of new cards that have been added to Google Now to take it to the next level.

There's a local cinema listing card that will alert you to when the next Hollywood blockbuster is being shown in your area. More teams have been added to the sports card, allowing you to track the results of your favourite football, NBA and NHL team. There are so many, we haven't got enough room to list them all!

Lever searches

Depending on what you search for in Google Now, you may find that the feature will display a card relating to it. Searching for movies for example will showcase the cinemas in your area, and searching for restaurants will display the closest places to eat at your current location

Enable location

Make sure the Location Search option is enabled in your settings, as this will allow Google Now to instantly track your movements. If you travel abroad, you’ll see schedules for public transport in the area, as well as a card ready for you to translate

In more detail

No matter what cards you have enabled on Google Now, each of them can be expanded by simply pressing on them. The weather card, when pressed, will open up a full hour-by-hour seven-day forecast for you to look through

Customise your cards

Each card can be altered to how you want the app to display it, and how often you see it. By opening up each card’s individual settings, you can choose how to prioritise that card, and set the level of notifications you get regarding it

Expore futher

You might find that depending on when, where and how you use your phone, chances are you won't come across every card that Google Now offers. The more you use your phone, and the more you travel with it, you’ll uncover more of the features Google Now has to offer.

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