HTC One X - Great Success Story

12/29/2012 9:11:42 AM

The One X is the high-end smartphone from HTC that’s designed to provide a premium experience. But does it succeed?

HTC has been a little quiet of late, compared to the last couple of years when it was bashing out new handsets like there was no tomorrow. At the recent Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona though, it bounced back in fine from by unveiling the One Series of phones, including the V, the S and this little beauty, the One X. if you already class yourself as a fan of both HTC phones and the Android operating system, then you’ll be in for a treat because there’s much to like about this trio, particularly the One X, which sits at the top of the pile.



Quality camera

“The best moments in life are captured with a photo or remembered by a song, so it was key for the HTC One series to improve these emotional experiences with an amazing camera and authentic sound experience,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation recently. “We are very focused on creating a camera and audio experience customers will love and use often and we believe the HTC One series delivers this in a way never seen on a phone before.”

So has HTC managed to achieve both of these feats? Well so it seems, but let’s start with Sense 4, the new version of the user interface that has been much-praised in earlier incarnations. This time out it looks better than ever, but also has the benefit of the HTC ImageSense functionality, which is essentially a plush new suite of camera and imaging features. There are also core adjustments to the audio settings as promised, to produce a more rounded listening experience.

“We are very focused on creating a camera and audio experience customers will love and use often”

“We are very focused on creating a camera and audio experience customers will love and use often”

Anyone interested in having a decent camera on their smartphone is certainly going to like the appeal of the 8-megapixel offering found on the One X, which boasts an array of internal tweaks and some fine-tuning to make it one of the best around. This is largely based a new image chip that enables the camera to produce faster image capture, better quality shots and the ability to process video capture much more efficiently too. Images can now be taken in just 0.7 seconds, there’s a 0.2-second autofocus and that means you have a close to continuous mode at your disposal too. The user interface delivered by Sense allows you to streamline your picture-taking activities much more efficiently too. The camera itself does appear more than able to cope with a variety of tricky scenarios, including the likes of low light, no light and overexposed settings, and the f2.0 lens aperture is indeed responsive to your every move. There’s an HDR option built in, for those needing an additional bit of creativity thrown in for good measure. Interestingly, the Video Pic feature offers the capacity for taking a still and shooting video at the same time, plus the option for lifting out a still frame from any high-definition video you may have shot earlier.

Alongside the impressive camera, that easy to use interface and the overall performance supplied by the very capable technical specification, we also like the simplicity of this phone. Dropbox has been integrated into Sense, which provides users with 25 Gigabytes of free storage space and has to be one of the quickest and easiest ways of storing and moving images and other large folders around by far. It’s also possible to share photos via the wireless Media Link HD accessory that can tap into your TVs HDMI port. Meanwhile, music lovers will enjoy the boosted audio appeal of the One range, with a powerful array of playback controls offering a truly dynamic musical experience. Elsewhere, if you have extensive collections of music littered all over your computer at home then the HTC Sync Manager software can take control of those.

Peak performance

Alongside all of the excellent image and audio enhancements, the One X is a star performer thanks to a fine array of technical muscle. It’s all been nicely tucked away inside the deliciously designed polycarbonate unibody construction, which feels light in your hand but also robust too. The Tegra 3 processor delivers good quality graphics and the quad-core chip also deals out a responsive performance. The 4.7-inch 720p HD screen that can fend of scratches with ease thanks to the contoured Gorilla Glass tops it all off very nicely indeed.

HTC One X Plus Smartphone features.

HTC One X Plus Smartphone features.


HTC has been particularly good at providing the smartphone buying public with what wants on previous models, and the new One range looks like continuing that theme. The One X, in particular, is a slick and stylish affair that looks good but, more importantly, has some key improvements that everyone has been crying out for. The camera and its functionality is a real success story and while that side of things works well, the way the revised Sense UI helps keep you productive on the go is an additional bonus. All in all, this smartphone is a great success story.


·         Price: $749

·         Processor: 1.5GHx

·         Memory: 32GB

·         Display: 4.7-inch

·         Camera: 8-megapixel

·         Operating system: Android 4.0

·         Web:

·         Total: 9/10


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