Windows Phone 8 Operating System Review – Part1

1/17/2013 9:17:07 AM

Despite having many improvements in interface and features, Windows Phone 8’s app store doesn’t have much.

By the end of 2012, while Microsoft has been struggling with shocking decreases in income and completing Windows Phone 8 (WP8), Apple announced the appearance of iOS 6 and Android were busy with its new versions. It’s a fact that a 5% decrease of share in tablet market forces Microsoft to release Windows Phone 8, in order to get out of the shadow of the previous version.

Windows Phone 8 Operating System

Windows Phone 8 Operating System


Since Windows Phone 7 (WP7) was born, Microsoft has tried to standardize hardware details: OEM products always integrated into single-core processors, WVGA display, no external card support… This helps WP7 run smooth and efficiently. However, with Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has gone beyond this limit, with considerable changes, to compete with rivals in the same segment.

WP8 supports multi-core processing, external memory and 3 options for screen resolution.

WP8 supports multi-core processing, external memory and 3 options for screen resolution.

Multicore process has been a change for 2 years. Device using this OS will boot on dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor. If you used to be satisfied with WP7’s performance, WP8 won’t let you down.

Windows Phone 8 supports more powerful graphic performance with 3 resolution options: WVGA (800x480), WXGA (1280x768) and HD (1280 x720), for entertainment. However, WP8 is too slow to make a breakthrough while Android has got along with Full HD (1080p) resolution.

Supported external memory can be up to 64GB, in WP8. NFC is fully exploited to share contents from smartphones to PC easily.

Though, the big change is the use of Windows NT 6.2 platform for both Windows 8 and RT. With this change, WP8 accelerates multi-core process plus system file and apps can be developed on W8 and WP8 concurrently.

Although these changes are brand new with WP, they seem old-fashioned with Android and iOS. Stability and quality of apps don’t have any chance to be compared as WP7’s old apps didn’t work effectively with WP8.

Design and interface

Windows Phone replaced onscreen standstill icons, like those on other rivals’ models, with Live Tiles. The term of Start means not only “to boot” but also “a passport” for users to customize and personalize their smartphones.

Lock screen control panel

Lock screen control panel

There’re many new differences between WP7 and WP8. WP8’s Themes were supplemented with more 20 colors. Besides, screen lock has more customizations. While WP7 only allowed for displaying Calendar, WP8 lets user to, from choose background to set up Notifications for Calendar, Messages, and Calls…

Kid Corner

WP8 enables parents to spare a corner, in the device, for kid. To use, Kid Corner, user can embed the Tile onto start screen for direct access, or enter from lock screen.

Kid Corner

Kid Corner

In this space, apps are selected earlier. Kid can do customization but can’t add more apps and Menu button is disabled. This feature helps kids to get accustomed with technology plus prevent them from annoying in case parents are busy.

Directory and powerful connections

A new feature in People Hub app is Social network, Room and Group. This feature lets you to create groups, which can be easily connected with, to chat, share calendars, shopping lists or capture of the conversation whose people invited are able to join. In fact, Group appeared in Windows 7 so it’s not new whilst Room is not open, only activated in “Windows zone”, plus not really effective once Group is available.

Our test showed that it was quite difficult to use Room with smartphone, we wanted to invite users but WP8 community had a few. Thus, it’s possible to use Windows 8 to connect with Group but it’s too inconvenient.

Xbox Music continues being Microsoft’s top resource. However, WP8 doesn’t support Xbox Music – such a loss to Xbox community. Though, it’s fun to turn the phone into a control for Xbox Console’s Touchpad UI through Xbox SmartGlass app.

Notification system doesn’t work well on WP8, notifications on Live Tiles are frequently updated yet user will easily ignore one updates when they are replaced by the new ones.


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