BBC iPlayer Radio For iOS

2/5/2013 3:15:33 PM

iPlayer Radio is a wonderful application that is used for everyone who admires BBC radio station and has iPhone and iPod.

Description: BBC iPlayer Radio for iOS

BBC iPlayer Radio for iOS

However, like every application of media television, there is a price that has to pay: using 3G, iPlayer Radio will cram your quota of data. BBC advises you to limit using in a long time through Wi-Fi.

In our tests, a 20-minute version spent about 11MB of data; using in a long time will quickly cram all of data quota. This thing is very regrettable because one of the main benefits of iPlayer Radio is that it designs BBC radio that is used for your mobile smartphone and we often listen to radio in many constant hours - this is its radio.

There’s no denying that iPlayer Radio is a wonderful application. It opens splash Stations screen having click-wheel that imitates old iPod and provides access to every radio station of the whole country of BBC, World Service and only symbol for local radio stations. Tabs that are along the low part provide access to Search, Podcasts, Alarm and More. We release that Search function is rather irregular.  

Description: There’s no denying that iPlayer Radio is a wonderful application.

There’s no denying that iPlayer Radio is a wonderful application.

Local Radio option in click wheel works in the way that is rather anti-visual. It uses position data to find BBC application that is nearest with you most about geography field. This is wise thing. But this thing prevents you from listening to local radio station from homeland city if you are on the road. And we cannot find local radio stations through Search function.

It’s difficult to magnify small benefits of using smartphone as radio. During free Saturday afternoon, radio has never left for us. And we have never tuned again or turned off. And when you listen live, you can continue catching things that are broadcasted, watching directly through webcam, interacting with program when they take place and sharing online content. In addition, it also has useful alert function.


·         Price: free

·         Website:


Requirement of system

·         iOS 5.0 or over

·         4.6MB archive



·         It is an application that is necessary for everyone that uses iPod and iPhone

·         Likes radio, iPlayer Radio brings a lot of wonderful free radio contents to your fingertips. However, we hurry you to keep a keen eye on quota of data.

·         Ranking: 4/5


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