A Case For Quality (Part 1) - Pipetto – Hunter Wanderer, TwelveSouth – BookBook for iPad

8/23/2012 4:25:54 AM

The new iPad, with its incredibly sharp Retina display, is the most desirable tablet yet. And it deserves a case to match. So we requested only the very finest for this season’s roundup.

Description: A Case For Quality

We’ve previously tested stands, sleeves and accessories that demonstrate the most innovative ingenuity, but this time we were looking for something else: sheer luxury. Whether you prefer real leather, protective polymers or hand-stitched hemp; precision engineering or homespun comfort; there’s an iPad companion here to tempt you.

Some of these designs have been specially adapted for the latest model, while others fit both the iPad 2 and its successor. Do check before buying that you’ve picked the correct configuration, because minor differences sometimes matter.

Pipetto – Hunter Wanderer

Description:  Pipetto Hunter Wanderer Phone 4 / 4S Case

 Pipetto Hunter Wanderer Phone 4 / 4S Case

The Hunter Wanderer is the waxed jacket of iPad cases. On the outside, it’s part quilted, part corduroy, all cotton, in a choice of Forest Green or Navy Blue. The brown leather and weathered brass-effect press studs of its satchel-style handle continue through to the interior, which is lined with a bright tartan reminiscent of a travel blanket. The whole thing is protectively stiff, yet light. A utility pocket is big enough for a tri-folded sheet of A4, and Smart Cover magnets activate sleep.

Cleverly, the popper that buttons the pocket also serves to hold the front flap in place when it’s folded to form a stand. This holds the iPad in landscape orientation at either of two angles, for typing or video viewing. And to keep the kids (or ma’am) amused in the back of the car, the handle extends to slip over a headrest.

The small piece of Velcro that secures the iPad is the only element we thought might not last a lifetime, but since the flap is on the inner edge, it’s unlikely to prove critical. We also though, the press studs could have been a touch tighter.

Pipetto was founded in Notting Hill’s Portobello Market, and although it’s now made abroad, the Hunter Wanderer feels as solidly British as a rainy June.

Price $160 inc VAT



Best bit Upholstered finish Wish list

Shoulder strap Natural habitat Sandringham

TwelveSouth – BookBook for iPad

Description: TwelveSouth – BookBook for iPad

TwelveSouth – BookBook for iPad

We’ve previously covered the BookBook for iPhone, and this scales up the idea. At first glance, you could be handling one of the dusty tomes from the shelves at the British Museum. Finished in convincingly distressed and unmistakably aromatic real leather, the BookBook does vintage to a ‘T’.

Where the pages should be, however, is a double-headed zip that opens to reveal your iPad, which is held against the inside back cover by two sturdy leather corners at the bottom and a slightly incongruous elastic strap at the top. A possible flaw in this arrangement is that it doesn’t completely prevent the iPad sliding out upwards, but in fact the felt lining provides enough friction to make that unlikely. With the zip closed, this is the only case on test that protects the iPad against just about every kind of scratch or spill, short of total immersion or chainsaw.

The only other interior features are a large leather button on the left and a narrow leather cord attached at the right. Unfolding the case into a tent shape, with the spine at the top, you can run the cord along underneath and hook it around the button to hold your iPad at the angle you prefer. This works, but not for a flat typing angle, unless you have a heck of a lot of desk space free. Folding the case back on itself, with the iPad on top, is awkward at best, so regular typists will look elsewhere.

The BookBook has none of the simple authenticity of something like the Cocon. Instead, it’s a sort of theme park facsimile of an imaginary relic. But we can’t fault its manufacturing quality, and if you fancy an iPad case in the style of an antique hardback, Twelve South has undeniably nailed it.

Price: $110 inc VAT


Best bit Zipped-in protection

Wish list Smart sleep Ending Happy

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