A Case For Quality (Part 4) - Maroo – Seth Aaron Series: Dotty, ColcaSac – Juan Valdez iPad Sleeve

8/23/2012 4:30:40 AM

Maroo – Seth Aaron Series: Dotty

Maroo’s range is unusual in combining designer styling with extreme protection. We first twigged this when they showed us a new iPad in the pretty case and then hurled it across the room. Had we known in advance about the company’s patent-pending SG Bumper system, we probably wouldn’t have yelped in quite the same way.

Description: Maroo – Seth Aaron Series: Dotty

Maroo – Seth Aaron Series: Dotty

The case feels luxurious and well made, with its dyed leather and splashes of coloured fabric. The vibrant yellow and black Dotty design certainly makes a statement, and there are several others to choose from. A convenient pocket on the inside holds business cards and the odd printout, and elastic straps hold the case shut.

It’s easy to get the iPad in or out of the corner bumpers,and combined with the protruding edges of the case itself the machine is pretty well protected from all angles, no matter how it lands when you drop it. A hinged portion of the rear panel forms a spine when the case is folded back, allowing it to serve as a basic stand in two (flat or upright) landscape positions. There’s a cutout for the rear-facing camera, and Smart Cover magnets put the iPad to sleep.

This case is a little heavier than some, but a great choice if you want to keep your iPad safe without blending into the background.

Price: $125 inc VAT

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Best bit Kick-ass couture

Wish list Handle Team with Bichon fries

ColcaSac – Juan Valdez iPad Sleeve

ColcaSac is a company dedicated to doing computer bags differently. It uses natural, sustainable materials that will biodegrade when discarded, and ships its products in recyclable paper packaging. Its manufacturing is done on site, in Utah, not by sweat shops.

Description: ColcaSac – Juan Valdez iPad Sleeve

ColcaSac – Juan Valdez iPad Sleeve

While many of ColcaSac’s pouches are made from high-grade hemp, the Juan Valdez goes the extra mile for eco-marketing by re-using jute coffee bags. The original green, yellow and brown printing is retained, appearing in random positions (but aligned straight) across your iPad sleeve; each one is unique. A bit of red embroidery woven in at the top edge completes the cheerful-looking exterior.

Inside, your iPad nestles in a full lining of what feels like sheepskin but is actually made from recycled polyester. It’s incredibly soft, but not as bulky as it first appears, so the whole thing is very light and more compact than most of the cases on test. A strip of Velcro holds the top flap closed, and even here the use of quality materials shines through: it’s a generous rectangle of a special kind of Velcro that’s sturdy, sticks well, and shows remarkably little tendency to pick up fluff and debris.

The Juan Valdez sleeve – which shares its name with a fictional character used since 1959 to market coffee from the Colombian growers’ federation – won’t protect your iPad from a long drop onto a hard surface, nor does it serve as a stand or support. But it’s nice and snug, fun to use, doesn’t shout ‘Look at my nickable iPad,’ and has a handy pocket on the front for your Dock cable and Camera Connection Kit.

Price; $70 inc VAT


Best bit Lovingly made from natural ingredients

Wish list More coffee Vibe Latino chic

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