My ipad : Presentations with Keynote - Playing Your Presentation, Using the VGA Adapter

9/1/2012 3:21:07 AM

Playing Your Presentation

After you create your presentation, or if you want to preview what you’ve done, you can play your presentation.

With a presentation open in Keynote, tap the Play button.

The presentation fills the screen. Tap on the center or right side of the screen to advance to the next slide. You can also tap and drag from left to right.

To go back to the previous slide, drag right to left.

Tap on the left edge of the screen to bring up a list of slides.

Tap one of the items in the list to go directly to that slide.

Double-tap in the list of slides to dismiss the list.

Double-tap in the center of the screen to end the presentation and return to editing mode.

Using the VGA Adapter

Presenting on your iPad, with people looking over your shoulder, probably isn’t your goal. You want to present on a large monitor or a projector, which you can do with an iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter 

When you have your VGA adapter connected, the Play button has a box around it to indicate that your iPad is ready to present on an external video device. Tap the Play button.

Tap the right arrow to move forward to the next slide or build the next object on the current slide.

Tap the left arrow to go back.

Tap the X button to stop the presentation.

Tap the button at the upper-left corner to bring up a list of slides.

Tap any of the slides on the left to jump to a slide.

Make Sure Your iPad Is Charged!

The VGA adapter fits in to your iPad’s dock, which means you can’t use the dock to hook your iPad up to a power source while you are presenting. If you plan to give a long presentation and are short on battery power, you might be in trouble. Make sure you have a near fully charged iPad if you plan to use it to present this way.

Did Someone Say Laser?

There is a laser pointer feature in Keynote. Here’s how it works: While presenting, tap and hold. A red laser dot appears above your finger. Continue to hold and drag the pointer wherever you want. This feature makes sense only if you use a VGA adapter to present over a projector.

Go Further: Only VGA?

Although the only way to get Keynote’s presentation out to an external screen is to use the VGA adapter, you can convert VGA to fit other video connections. For instance, if you need to connect to a TV using a component or s-video, you should find some VGA adapters that work. See if you can find one that has been verified to work with an iPad before buying.

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