9/5/2012 5:36:54 PM

Ratings: 5/5

Price: $313 / $71 with 18-month contract, $6 per month

Website: (no SIM), (contract)

Description: HTC One X


HTC One X is collection of the first things. It is the first HTC mobile device with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, these first things include 720x1,280 pixel screen and three-core processor. Nvidia Tegra 3 Chipset also has a GeForce graphics core and a “partner core” – the fifth core processor takes over the basic functions while the phone is idle to save energy.

Giant 4.7-inch IPS screen is quite bright and has many colors, though it’s not as vivid as OLED screen on the Motorola RAZR or Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The contrast of the screen cannot be compared with its rivals. In direct test with the competition, black color is not deep and white color is not bright as its competitors. The colors seem more vivid, although you may use it to play games and read the websites. 720x1,280 resolution is ideal for browsing the web; we can easily read headlines and summaries on BBC News home page in landscape mode, then double click to zoom in separate articles.

One X screen is round at the edges and has white border around. There is very little space around the screen, except at the bottom where the sensor nodes of Back, Home and Open New Tasks, which show the running applications. Mobile device is lightweight and comfortable, with a layer of white plastic to handle.

1.5GHz quad-core processor of the phone helps it run smoother, although we found a little shock and slow running under heavy load; even swiping through the home screens is not as smoothing as in the iPhone. However, One X does not encounter any problem when dealing with heavy loads. The games we tested were smooth though the phone can be hot in the back.

Sense is working overtime

Android 4.0 OS comes with HTC Sense 4.0. This is a collection of applications, utilities and customs designed to improve the Android interface. Manufacturers and telecom companies often install software that cannot be uninstalled in the phone, and duplicate applications or even remove Android functions. However, Sense 4.0 adds features for the Android software.

It enhances the camera application, adds many features to take advantage of dedicated photographing chip of One X. There is fast multi-capture mode, which allows you access by holding the shutter button, it stores these images as a collection so you can browse to find the best shot. The images can be captured in 0.7 seconds, with autofocus of 0.2 seconds, and you can move directly to the camera from the lock screen to increase the speed.

This may be the first phone that makes compact digital cameras to shame. It has many options that we often see on the smartphone camera: face detection, auto-smile capture, the manual ISO setting and continuous shooting. You can adjust the exposure, contrast, saturation and sharpness by using sliders from the options menu, and snapping a photo while recording video.

Our testing images are the best we've ever seen from a camera smartphone. It has a little noise in outside pictures but has smooth details, no blurry that you can see from the heavy noise reduction. F/2.0 large aperture lens helps take photos indoors better, the low light shots without flash are quite amazing, with the setting is selected sensibly (1/15 second at ISO 1250) and noises are kept at reasonable level for quick ISO speed. It is equal to a good compact camera at average price.

Sense also improves the music player, although we do not like these changes much. It adds the HTC Beats Audio processing and changes the default media player, adds link to 7digital music store, Soundhound music recognize service and TuneIn radio application. You can click Soundhound icon while listening to a song in TuneIn Radio to identify it, it’s quite useful.

Beats is not impressed. The sound quality is still good without Beats, we feel it creates the bass resonance, although it is also good at increase the middle sound. Besides Beats, you can choose from a list of more traditional effects, such as Bass Boost or Live, and unlike the previous Beats phones, you can use the headphones that are not Beats and still use Beats effects. However, we prefer to have better control with the effects rather than this method.

Another additional Sense is Car application. This interface presents the features you may want when driving car - phone, music player, internet radio and navigation - in a big format that is easy to access while driving. All menus and text are in big font for easy reading, and also have bigger icons and buttons. The phone interface is designed for easy using, with a big picture of the caller that you can swipe to the left to cancel the call, or swipe to the right to respond. You also can customize the navigation and music player application in use.

Description: HTC One X



HTC Watch competes with Play Store of Google. It is a movie store offering films to buy at $6.5 and to rent at $2.2. It has the same selection as Play Store, although no store has unnamed movies that we want to watch. Sense does not include ebook store, so you must use the Play Store or download application of your favorite store. You have 32GB storage on the phone, it’s quite useful because there is no Micro SD card slot.

Android 4.0 brings a few changes that people will be familiar, such as a menu button in the upper right of this application instead of the bottom right. Some applications do not follow this rule and set the menu at the bottom of the screen, it uses 7mm in height with only 3 points.

We also found an error in which the phone automatically switches to USB storage mode when plugged in via USB, even when we chose Charge Only mode. It has done this several times, it was quite annoying when we tried to download a large application update. Battery of video tests is disappointing with less than 6.5 hours, and you cannot remove the battery.

It means, One X is an impressive phone, and we like the way that latest version of Sense links to changes of Android 4.0. You can purchase this mobile device for under $19.25/month with 24-month contract, but if you want shorter contract or buy it without SIM, you must spend lots of money. This quad-core phone with the smart camera is the best Android phone you can buy - if you are affordable.


Comment: With quad-core processors, much storage capacity and a camera that can compete to compact digital camera, this is the best Android phone now.

Smartphone: GSM 850/900/1800/1900, 3G 850/900/1900/2100, EDGE, HSPA, WCDMA, LCD 4.7-inch LCD 720x1280 resolution, 8MP camera, 32GB storage, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC, 8.9 hours of talking time, 24.8 standby days, 134x70x9mm, 130g.

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