Argos Curved Computer Desk Trolley

9/12/2012 6:46:28 PM

If you find yourself limited in space or budget, that doesn't mean there aren't decent desks available. And what better place to find one than at the nation's favourite high-street catalogue store?

This may not be the cheapest computer desk the company offers, but it's certainly one of the best value, with cost-saving that shows more in the size than anything else. It's undeniably small, but care has been taken to make sure that every inch of space within its boundaries can be utilised for the computer and its peripherals.

Description: Argos curved computer desk trolley

Argos Curved Computer Desk Trolley

You can see, for example, a space in the bottom right designed to accommodate a PC tower (of dimensions up to 42.5 x 32.6 x 36.3cm) and space above that for a modem, router, or external storage device. A slide-out tray seats the keyboard and mouse, and space in the bottom left is reserved for a printer, scanner, or other large peripheral, with a shelf that can be set at one of three heights to accommodate whatever goes there. The top surface can hold up to 20kg (more than enough for any monitor, even if you're still plugging away with an ancient CRT).

There are no cable tidy features although the lack of a back panel does mean that it's easy to get to them, even if it's against a wall, since the castors allow you to move it around quickly. The size of the 'printer' area is a little too small for some printers too, so be careful to measure yours before buying this desk if you want to avoid some extra work sliding your printer around just to use it.

Description: Trolley Computer Desk

Trolley Computer Desk

There's no doubt that as desks go, this is as basic as they come, but it's also clear that cheap doesn't have to mean no-frills. There are a lot of features that anyone with limited space will doubtlessly appreciate. It's perfect if you're planning to house your computer in, for example, a bedroom or dining room, but its size means that it's not really suitable - or healthy - to use for long periods, so those wanting to furnish their office (home or otherwise) should probably look elsewhere.


Retailer: Argos

Product code: 617/9674

Dimensions: H:76cm W:80cm D:48cm

Price: $75

Colours: Beech or pine


Excellent for casual computer users but not capable of being an office centrepiece

Convenlence & comfort: 7/ 10

Value: 9/ 10

Overall: 8/ 10


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