Get An Awesome Satnav For Free

10/15/2012 5:43:08 PM

You could pay over $150 to get sat-nav in your car or you can get it for free on your Android device.

Not that many people know this, but Android devices have a unique advantage over other smartphone competitors – they have access to free satellite navigation.

Description: Get An Awesome Satnav For Free

Google Maps Navigation beta is available on the Market, and it does the same job that a standalone sat-nav device can – it guides you from A to B with vocal commands, and a constantly-updated 3D map gives you a visual reference of where you’re going. You can search for points of interest nearby, and there’s a clever function that enables you to get route guidance using your voice. Google Maps Navigation beta doesn’t allow you to download maps to your device, as it retrieves data through the internet, so you need 3G to access the mapping as you go: the advantage is that you always have the latest information.

Free sat-nav

1.    Get the app

If Google Maps Navigation beta isn’t already installed on your Android tablet or smartphone, go to the Market (or Google Play, as it’s now known) in your list of apps and then search for “Google maps.” Tap the Google Maps app that appears in the list and then press “Install” to get it on to your device.


Description: Get the app

2.    Navigate

In your list of apps, look for one that has recently appeared called Navigation. Tap it and accept the terms and conditions. To quickly navigate somewhere, tap on “Type destination” and enter a place, street name or postcode to find your destination, and then tap on it when it appears in the list.

Description: In your list of apps, look for one that has recently appeared called Navigation

3.    Find it by voice

Typing while you’re in a car isn’t particularly easy, but when you want o navigate, there’s an alternative way to find a place quickly and effectively – use the spoken word instead. In Navigation, tap the microphone icon, then say “Navigate to” and say exactly where you want to go, choosing from the list of suggestions if need be.

Description: Find it by voice

4.    Another way

Before you set off, you get an overview of traffic – green means good, yellow or red means it’s busy. If you decide that the way ahead looks like it’s going to be bad, you can choose a better road by tapping the alternate route button under the menu, then tap the way-point icon- it automatically sends you another way to your destination.

Description: Another way

5.    Traffic dodging

While you’re receiving turn-by-turn directions, you can quickly change the map to Street View. This will enable you to get street-level directions, enabling you to easy find buildings en-route – it’s the ultimate in interactive navigation. Tap the icon of a person to switch to this view instantly.

Description: Traffic dodging

6.    Car dock mode

Google Maps Navigation beta is great as a sat-nav but there’s room for improvement when it’s in car – the solution is the Car Home app, from Google Play. It works alongside Navigation, but makes buttons on screen bigger so it’s easier to navigate. It adds functions like access to Music, Contacts, Voice Search and a night and day mode.

Description: Car dock mode

7.    Find points of interest

As you’re driving to your destination, you might want to find out where the nearest petrol stations are, or find somewhere to eat. Press “Menu” and then tap “Layers”. You can choose from a variety of popular stop-offs, and you’ll see the, on the map in front of you. If you want to see more, just zoom out, or zoom in for a closer view.

Description: Find points of interest

8.    That’s it!

You now have the ability to use free satellite navigation in your car using your Android device. But don’t stop there – instead of resting your phone or tablet loosely on the dash, you might want to consider getting an aftermarket cradle to hold your device while you drive. You’ll be much safer for it, so check out online for suitable accessories.

Description: That’s it!

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