Worthy Audio Block C-100 For Mid-Class CD Player

11/1/2012 9:12:00 AM

For C-100, $600 is a very reasonable price with sophisticated treatment for design and ability of playing CD with Hi-Fi sound.

C-100 CD Player is one of the latest products from Audiobook (in Germany) who started as a sound device distributor. Since 2009, the company has officially manufactured budget products satisfying Germany’s audio standard.

Description: Case is robust and sturdy. Buttons are appropriately arranged in D-shape.

Case is robust and sturdy. Buttons are appropriately arranged in D-shape.

Right from case’s appearance, Audioblock did show a combination of power and aesthetics in a compact design. The surface is made of 9mm-thick aluminum plate. In the center lies function keys properly arranged in D-shape, comforting user’s operation with C-100.

Our trial device appeared in Sapphire black, so on the left is a unique large blue display. For versions with Diamond Silver and Polar Silver colors, this display shows black background and white texts. On the right is traditional sliding tray for discs. On sideways surfaces, there are split are pressed aluminum bars to increase heat elimination. And stabilize the device’s operation.

Description: C-100’s interior

C-100’s interior

Regarding interior, though C-100 is a budget product, it is equipped with a big toroidal transformer positioned in the center, far from signal circuit and laser eye. Furthermore, C-100’s drive motor also comes with an anti-noise coat preventing affect the process of reading data from CD.

Besides, C-100’s tray system is highly appreciated for preventing jam or slanting position of disc. These are common errors that popular mid-class products usually encounter. Disc tray’s movement is quiet, fluent and firm enough to reassure users.

For only $600, C-100 is a good value, a CD player with not too many functions (SACD, DAC, Wireless…) and sophisticated design. C-100 is promised to bring users a strong belief in endurance and audio quality of this product.

Description: The sound system we used to test C-100

The sound system we used to test C-100

To test sound quality, Audioblock C-100 was compared with Arcam CD-82. Though Arcam CD-82 was not a new model, it was still a good player whose are now even pricier than Audioblock C-100.

After spending a long time listening songs such as “My valentine” (by Paul McCartney) and “Kisses on the bottom”, with common Red Book CD format, it was easy to recognize Audioblock C-100 provided clearer and smoother sound than Arcam CD-82.

Arcam’s CD players were often strong on playing classic music; it might be less accurate and detailed than other CD players but able to deliver the soul of music to listeners. But with Audioblock C-100, songs were mostly reproduced, bringing users a feeling of being right in a real theatre. About bass sound, Audioblock produced thicker and deeper bass as well as more effective in delivering theatrical effects. Additionally, high frequency band performed via Audioblock C-100 was clear but no strident at high volume.

Description: In the back lie basic connectors

In the back lie basic connectors

In fact, Audioblock C-100 CD player is more efficient than majority of other products in the same price range, thanks to ability of minimizing noise and innovative DAC encoder.

When the heyday of LP was over but digital music hasn’t been completed, CD player is still the most concerned. Especially for music lovers not having much money, C-100 CD player is surely a valuable choice.


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