Sling Media Slingbox Pro-HD

12/12/2012 9:07:48 AM

Watch your HD content while on-the-move

Available in North America for many years, the Slingbox Pro-HD is now officially released. For the uninitiated, this is a network-enabled box (with a digital tuner) that accepts connections form multiple AV sources and streams them over the Internet, so that you can enjoy your content even when you’re out and about.

Sling Media Slingbox Pro-HD

Sling Media Slingbox Pro-HD

The Pro-HD package comes with AV cables aplenty. You’ve component video, composite video and audio, a SCART-to-composite-AV adapter, and even an RF cable. In addition to connecting to the TV antenna via its aerial jack, the Pro-HD can hook up two additional AV sources: one HD device via component video cables (for audio, you can use either analog or digital cables terminated with RCA jacks), and another SD device via composite AV (or preferably, S-video) cables. The Pro-HD also acts as a pass-through device, so every set of inputs is paired with a set of outputs that goes to your TV. In case you’re wondering, no, the Pro-HD has no HDMI inputs. It also doesn’t support 1080p signals – so for the HD device, make sure it’s outputting at 1080i.

To get the Pro-HD onto the Internet, your only option is to connect it to a router by way of an Ethernet cable, as it doesn’t come with wireless connectivity. (Remember, the Slingbox line hasn’t been updated for years). If your router is nowhere near the Pro-HD, a way to get around it is to resort to powerline networking. To control an AV device remotely, you need to connect the included remote control IR cable to the Pro-HD, and place an IR emitter (there are four) near the IR sensor of the device.

Sling Media Slingbox Pro-HD

Sling Media Slingbox Pro-HD

The Pro-HD setup is done via a web interface over at the Slingbox website. The process can take a bit of time, especially if you’ve many devices connected to the Pro-HD. You can save a bit of time if you note down the make and model of your devices beforehand. If you’re a StarHub Cable TV subscriber, you should feel at home with the customized virtual remote. We also had no problems with changing the channels, as the database includes the relevant remote codes. We also managed to watch a Blu-ray version of Superman Returns (via a BD player at home) while sipping coffee at Starbucks. For Internet viewing to work, you may need to setup port-forwarding on your router. The SlingPlayer Mobile app is required if you want to watch content on your Android, iOS, or Windows Phone devices, and it’s not free. For example, the SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad costs $38.98, and that’s only for the iPad. You need to pay another $38.98 if you want the iPhone version of the app.

The Slingbox Pro-HD is a neat device for ‘slinging’ your TV programs to wherever you are. For other AV devices, we strongly recommend that you think through how you want to hook them up, since the Pro-HD doesn’t come with HDMI and Wi-Fi support.


·         Maximum resolution: 1080i

·         No. of devices: 1 x HD, 2x SD

·         Network: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet

·         Weight: 1.8kg

·         Price: $498


·         Network bandwidth: HD Viewing 1.5 Mbps or higher;

·         SD Viewing: 384 Kbps or higher;

·         Mobile Viewing: 150 Kbps or higher

·         Supported AV Sources: Basic cable TV set-top box, digital cable set-top box, DVR, DVD player/ recorder, HD component input support with resolution up to 1080i (down-converted), satellite receiver, video/security camera, Windows Media Center Extender

Verdict:  8/10

·         Physique: 8/10

·         Features: 8/10

·         User-friendliness: 7.5/10

·         Value: 7.5/10


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