Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ62 - Solid Upgrade Of Last Year's FZ48 Model

12/21/2012 9:21:40 AM

FZ62 is the successor of Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ48, one of our most favorite models in 2011.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ62

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ62

We were especially impressed by the fact that Panasonic moved the earlier 14MP in FZ45 to the 12MP in FZ48, as it brings less noise.

It’s a pity that the smart ideal doesn’t work out this time for Panasonic. While DMC-FZ200 was pricier with 12MP sensor, FZ62’s resolution increased to 16MP. It casted a bad sign for noise levels, though moving from CCD sensor onto what Panasonic calls High Sensitivity MOS sensor can restore the balance.

Performance continuously increased from 3.7fps in FZ48 to 10fps, but this was not completely good. While the previous model can shoot 7 photos continuously, FZ62 can only deal with 3. The alternative 5fps mode appeared more useful, not least can re-focus between shots. This mode only lasted for 3 frames at 5fps then continued at 1.7fps rather than stopped. It was not a big change but we appreciated that live view is available in shooting. On the other hand, the performance was excellent, with 1sec to open and capture, and 0.7sec pause after each shot.

Joint-less display

Most features were maintained like form FZ48. The 3in screen was sharp without joint, and low-resolution EVF wasn’t much interesting. Better EVF are appearing in super-zoom cameras, but only in pricey models such as FZ200 and Fujifilm X-S1.

Power button was moved to a lever near the mode dial, making room for a button specified to enter continuous shooting mode. Rear buttons were changed, with a new WB control. There’s no fewer than 4 buttons for focusing control: one for moving to AF point, auto/macro/manual AF button, AF/AF lock button and another one for single/continues focus. If those seem too much, the latter two can be re-assigned, for light-metering or AE bracketing. In general, this camera is excellent for users interested in manual settings.

There’re expanded options in menu for customizing image quality, with maximum allowed ISO speed control when Auto ISO is selected. There’s also completely manual exposure setting, but it was disappointing that the slowest capture speed was 4sec; in FZ48 it was 60sec.

Little technical photographers will want to stick with Intelligent Auto mode, but we sometimes think it doesn’t deserve that name. Shooting in from medium condition to low-lit by using distant zoom, FZ62 often opts for shutter speed as slow as ¼ before accelerating ISO speed over 400. Optical stabilization works quite fine yet not well at all. Most images captured were blurred.

Like previous models in FZ series, FZ62 appears superior in video. Image and sound qualities are all clear and detailed while zoom and focus engines work fluently and quietly. AVCHD format offers up to 30min duration for clip and there’s also manual exposure control for video.

Images were impressively sharp, partially thanks to excellent lens and digital focus but our studio tests only revealed small improvements, over FZ48 12MP. However, highlight processing seemed stepping backward with blooming around over-exposed area in images.

Images were impressively sharp.

Images were impressively sharp.


Noise at fast ISO speed was lower than from FZ48, despite resolution increased. Though, noise still existed and even more in night scenes or brightly-lit shots. FZ48 wasn’t great in low-lit and while we were hoping for this time’s improvement, we were curious about how FZ200 12MP would do better.

FZ62 is not the most appealing upgrade but it is overall better than FZ48. FZ48 is still available for $330 and the best choice for bargain hunters. Regardless, FZ62 is the best ultra-zoom camera available under $450.


·         RRP: $395

·         Sensor: 15.9MP (4608x3456p)

·         Zoom: 24x optical (25-600mm)

·         LCD: 3in (460,000p)

·         Storage: SDXC card (internal 70MB)

·         Battery: Li-ion

·         Size/weight: 80x120x115m/493g

·         Warranty: 1-year RTB

·         Runtime: 450 shots



·         An ultra-zoom with a reasonable price that can touch everywhere

·         Ratings: 5/5


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