Multimedia: Tips and Tricks – Feb 2013 (Part 1)

2/26/2013 6:29:20 PM

So you like reading tons of web pages and articles on the web and you just can’t think of quitting a web page without completely reading it. But Alas! You don’t have time to do it. This is where read later apps like Pocket come to your rescue.

Among the other read later apps and extensions, Pocket (formerly known as “Read It Later”) has the most simplistic UI. Pocket focuses more on pages that contain media such as images and videos, filtering them and allowing you to look at the saved pages depending on their content.

Description: Pocket (formerly known as “Read It Later”) has the most simplistic UI.

Pocket (formerly known as “Read It Later”)

Merge reading lists from two accounts

Well for some reason you’ve managed to create two separate accounts for pocket resulting into two different ‘Reading Lists’. Now you may want to merge them together into a single list on a single account.

To do this follow the simplified approach given below: (Please Note that in the steps below the two different accounts are referred to as Account 1” and “Account 2”).

To merge the reading lists In Firefox, Open your reading list’ (list of saved pages)>Options>Account Tab> Logout>login into Account 1>Open Reading List>Right-click Sync Icon>Full Sync>Repeat the above steps but login to Account 2 instead. To do the same on Android and iOS, Launch Pocket App> Options (For Android, Options>Settings)>Log Out>Once you’ve logged out of Account 1’, Login to ‘Account 2’.

When you’re done, the app should have a same but merged list and the contents of Account 1 into Account 2. Now you can abandon Account 1 and start using Account 2.

Including Instapaper reads into Pocket

If you’re the ones who signed up for Instapaper but later on when you stumbled onto Pocket thought that Pocket is better and more fun to use than Instapaper and now you want to include your Instapaper reads into Pocket, then don’t worry for there is a simple way to do it.

If you’re already logged in to your Instapaper account then go here “ / QWrxzT”. If not then login first>Account Page>Expand Export Option>Download HTML file>Save the generated HTML file on your computer>In order to import your articles, go here “>Browse the saved Instapaper HTML file>Use the Import Button once you’ve browsed for the file.

When you’re done with this, a new page will open and notify you about the No. of articles imported and Archived.

Saving Clipboard contents to Pocket

If and when a need arises for you to save the contents of your clip-board into Pocket or you need to copy a link from a text document and insert it into your Pocket’s reading list, you can do it very easily. If you copy a URL on your Mac, this URL can be saved to Pocket provided you have Pocket for Mac installed. Copy the complete URL (including http://)>Launch Pocket for Mac>File>Save from Clipboard OR Press Command + S.

Once done, you can see the saved item at the top of your reading list. For iPhone, iPad & Android users, a URL when copied on your device or Mac can be saved to Pocket if you Copy the complete URL (including http://)>Open Pocket app. You will see a green colored bar appear on the screen, Touch the ‘Add’ button on the green bar and the copied URL will be added to the Reading List of your Pocket app.


Compared to Pocket which has special features for saving multimedia content based pages, Instapaper has a direct and simple approach in which it displays saved web pages and articles in a stripped down format. Also Instapaper has more features such as Tilt Scrolling, Pagination etc., in iOS than Android.

Description: Instapaper has a direct and simple approach in which it displays saved web pages and articles in a stripped down format.

Instapaper has a direct and simple approach in which it displays saved web pages and articles in a stripped down format.

Searching on Instapaper

So you have a lot of archived articles on Instapaper but due to the sheer number of pages saved, you are unable to find your desired archived article(s). It’s just that Instapaper currently does not offer a free way to search archived articles unless you are a paid Instapaper subscriber. Nevertheless, there is a workaround for this. Head over to your Instapaper account here “http://bit. ly/HjHy “>Locate the Export option on the page and expand it>”Download CSV file”>Save the generated file. Locate the downloaded file and open it using any text editor. Now you  can easily find your desired archived content by using simple text finding options such as by going to Edit>Find or by using the keyboard combination Ctrl + F.

Enabling automatic updates at specific locations (for iOS Only)

You can make Instapaper on your iOS device update in the background at your preferred locations whenever you enter those locations in particular. This can be easily achieved by launching the Instapaper app>app settings>Tap on Update Locations. A pop-up asking for your permission to allow downloading articles when you enter or leave the area will appear. Just tap Ok”. Now if you want to add your current location, tap the Add current location” button. You can also clear your added locations by tapping the “clear locations button”. The best part about this is that you don’t necessarily require a Wi-Fi connection at the locations you’ve added, allowing you to even add places like a bus stop or a particular place anywhere on the map. Thus you no longer have to manually refresh Instapaper for syncing your reads.

Increasing productivity using folders in Instapaper

Instapaper by default has only two folders i.e., Unread and Archive, but you can add more folders to it. For instance, if you have a knack for reading things say about Technology, then you can create a folder called Technology and move your reads to it. Content based folders make your work easy any day. You can even add folders for some other Instapaper user’s starred item lists provided you know their username. Instapaper also supports creation of RSS Feeds for starred items or for a folder of your choice and then you can subscribe to that feed on Google Reader or publish it wherever you want for anyone else to see. Folders can also be created which denote maximum time you may want to spend on the articles within them for example., folders named as 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes can be used to keep the articles inside them and read them only for the mentioned time altogether this saves your time on unnecessary articles which are on topics which you don’t like much.

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