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Launchy is free software which was initially designed as a start menu alternative. Launchy allows opening of files and folders quickly with just a few keystrokes. It can be easily downloaded via the internet.

Personalized shortcut

Launchy will run in the back ground and can be brought up at any time using the alt + space keys which are the default keys for this action.

When the Launchy inter face appears, simply type in the name of the software or folder and Launchy should automatically find and start that software up or open that folder for you. Just a few letters of the applications name should be enough and the applications icon should immediately appear on Launchy’s interface. Launchy also memorizes its searches and shows you the most used application on future use. For example, if you happen to have Two Software which starts with the letter p, i.e., paint and PowerPoint, you may need to input, “pa” for paint and “po” for PowerPoint. But if you happen to use PowerPoint more often, Launchy automatically shows you PowerPoint the moment you input the letter “p” followed by other relevant suggestions.

The default keys to invoke Launchy can be changed by going to the Options. The Options can be accessed by either right clicking Launchy’s interface or simply right clicking the Launchy icon in the system tray at the bottom right.

Configure Launchy

The General tab has options relating to the User Interface, the Visual Effects, System Options and how you want suggestions to be seen, i.e., the number of suggestions displayed and whether you wish for the file path to be displayed as well or not etc.

The User Interface focuses on how and where Launchy appears. We suggest not having the first option “Always display Lanchy Window” ticked as always having the Launchy window visible can get in the way of your other actions.

Description: The portable mode is the last option in System Options

The portable mode is the last option in System Options

Try different looks

The Skins tab lets you change Launchy’s look and there are a number of options to choose from. Skins are constantly being created by users and submitted on various online forums and sites from where they can be downloaded.

Expand your Index

Launchy works by indexing your programs and files. Programs can then be launched by inputting a few keystrokes and show up on a menu according to relevance. Launchy indexes your start menu by default, since everything you install will most likely show up there. But for cases which don’t, you can point Launchy to their location. This can be done by once again accessing the Options and going to the Catalog tab. The Catalog tab contains the directories that Launchy uses to launch its applications. By clicking on the + button, you can add your commonly accessed directories. This applies to any kind of file, i.e., music files, image files etc. You can also choose which kind of files you want indexed and which kind you don’t want showing. Once you’re done adding directories, you can check the Include Executable option, to include .exe files as well. Once you’re done adding directories simply click on the Rescan Catalog option and Launchy should now also include the directories you’ve input as well.

Perform Math Calculations

Launchy is also capable of performing simple mathematical calculations. Simply input the numbers where you would normally type in the application name. The operations are limited to addition (+), subtraction (-), division (/) and multiplication (*).

Use Launchy in portable form

Launchy has a feature which lets you run it from a portable device instead of directly from the computer. This can be anything, like a USB thumb drive or portable hard drive. Simply activate Portable Mode from the System Options in the General tab and move Launchy from its installed location onto the portable device. Launchy then runs directly from the device and future configurations are stored in the device instead.

Desktop customIzatIon

You can’t teach an old dog new trick but you can at least give it a new collar. Here are a collection of tools and utilities that you can use to the breath some new life into your aging system, by giving it the make-over it deserves.

Transform Windows

Download the Windows 8 transformation pack from If you’re clamoring for the Windows 8 design, sans the Metro (yes, it’s been renamed, but we don’t care) madness, this is the pack for you. It is a very basic pack that adds Windows 8’s sharp edged windows, but keeps the Metro Start screen at bay. You do have the option of installing the charms bar but we would advise against it as it doesn’t really seem to be serving any purpose. This transformation pack works on every version of Windows from XP onwards.

For a more complete Windows 8 experience, add on some themes and widgets from Rainmeter and Windows Blinds (available at for Rainmeter and Windows Blinds)

Rainmeter has some very nifty widgets that do a far better job of providing a metro experience than even Windows 8 can. The weather and clock widgets are of particular note and can transform your boring Windows desktop to an oversize live tile.

Description: Transform Windows Xp to Windows

Transform Windows Xp to Windows

Transform Ubuntu

Maybe you’re a big fan of Apple’s Mac OS and just don’t want to spend on one of their devices. The solution couldn’t be simpler. Just open a terminal in Ubuntu and type wget -O /tmp/Macbuntu-10.04.tar.gztar xzvf /tmp/Macbuntu-10.04.tar.gz -C /tmpcd /tmp/Macbuntu-10.04/ $ ./

Follow the instructions to download and install.

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