Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven Headset - A New Era Of Tournament-Level Gaming Audio (Part 3)

7/3/2013 9:20:22 AM

The real problem with these headphones Turtle Beach's preset is rich if your chosen game is mounted in poor sound, which you will quickly notice. For example, Dead Space 2 has the sound design that is extremely overwhelming, you really start to appreciate it when you are changing the volume of the surround channels and move the bilateral angle of the front channels and behind your ears around. People talk about this angle, you can move the virtual speakers front left and front right 10 degrees. Reducing the volume of the channels in between allows us to cancel most of the characters' sounds like footsteps and gunfire, which makes sure we do not scare their own. However, the switch to Modern Warfare 3, we soon found out that the only thing that the sound design is left in the channel between the voice prompts. In this case, the ACU is too strong - you really start wanting what you cannot. Sure you can achieve all of this with a real speaker setup, but it will never be this fast adjustment.

Turtle Beach's XP Seven headset system is worth its MLG qualification.

Turtle Beach's XP Seven headset system is worth its MLG qualification.

You may be wondering about the ACU being only 5.1 instead of 7.1 like most other headphones. Simply put, most solutions are providing real 7.1 Dolby PLIIx to use matrix (matrix) added 2 behind the virtual channel, based on 5.1 information is actually sent to the decoder box. In fact, it's the same one filler (filter), and basically cannot see us even though we checked the headset for several years with this feature. The audio controls compensate for its extra strength.

When it comes to chat and mic audio, there are also many features.

When it comes to chat and mic audio, there are also many features.

When it comes to chat and mic audio, there are also many features. Because the Seven headphones block pretty much noise from the outside, the ACU provides voice track so you will not feel the need to scream into the mic. Fortunately, it can also be adjusted, allowing us to perfectly adjust the game volume, chat and our voice. The features worked more efficiently while using boom mic. Feels Like other headphones, you will also see the enhanced chat (chat boost) is included, which adjusts the volume chat at the same speed as the game sound changes, while keeping fixed rate of You. For example, if the volume increases by 1 notch game, chat channels will only increase 1 step whether to lower the volume multiple times. Unlike our experience with PX21 few years ago, the little chat strengthens legs - nothing sounds worse than the pierced eardrums. In summary, the quality of the mic boom mic and inline is acceptable for the purposes of intended use. However, do not hear us speaking like this, you can listen to the audio clips below.


Apart from a few problems and frustrations in design, we are satisfied with the XP Seven Series package. However, we love the Audio Control Unit over the headphones. The Seven Series Headphones product is relatively stable, but there are many other headsets at $150 we will use with the ACU if possible. Compared with older headphones Astro MLG, this product represents a clear step forward, and we are sure many gamers who want to compete will love it. As for us, we will wait until the ACU becomes available as a standalone product and combine it with a better set of headphones. There is one thing for sure: Astro Mixamp finally defeated in the game of it.

We are satisfied with the XP Seven Series package.

We are satisfied with the XP Seven Series package.


       Price: $280


       Insane levels of real-time audio control

       Impressive audio quality

       Relatively portable


       Frustrating learning documents

       Advance Sound Editor not yet available on OS X

       The headset is not our favorite..


·         Turtle Beach's XP Seven headset system is worth its MLG qualification, but its Audio Control Unit outdoes the headphones themselves.


Technical specs


·         Speakers: 50mm with neodymium magnets

·         Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz

·         RF Frequency: 2.4-2.495GHz/5.0-5.8GHz

·         Xbox 360® chat output: Bluetooth®^, 2.5mm XBOX 360® controller input jack

·         Power: Rechargeable Battery



·         RF Frequency: 2.4-2.495GHz/5.0-5.8GHz

·         Range: up to 30 ft (10m)

·         Game audio input: digital optical (required for Dolby surround sound)

·         Analog Input: 3.5mm

·         Power: USB (5V @ 380mA max)


Package Contents

·         X-Ray Headset

·         X-Ray Transmitter

·         Digital Optical Cable

·         Headset Charging Cable

·         Xbox 360® Chat Cable

·         User Guide

·         Turtle Beach Sticker



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