Fantastic New Search Tool (Part 2)

9/26/2013 5:43:47 PM

Stay up to date with current affairs

If you have an Android or iOS device, Google currents delivers magazine-like content and news without you having to search for it. Download the free app from for Android devices or from for iPhone and iPad.

Google Current on iOS

Google Current on iOS

Brilliant new Bing tools

Microsoft has integrated its Bing search tool even more closely with Internet Explorer 10. You’ll find personalization tools at One of these is the ability to ‘pin’ sites you like to your taskbar so they’re immediately accessible. You can use lump Lists to get to specific sections of a pinned site too.

Get train info immediately

Pins look similar to Windows 8 apps and cover areas such as news, travel, games and shopping. To use one, just drag it to your taskbar. To remove it, right-click it and choose ‘Unpin from taskbar’. Pin National Rail Enquiries to your taskbar and you can call up the latest train time times with a click. Enter your station name and Bing will immediately display a live departure board.

National Rail Enquiries

National Rail Enquiries

Get a quick translation

One of the most useful features of Bing has always been its web-based instant translation tool - one of its ‘Accelerator’ apps. These apps have now been added to the Pinned section of IE10. To view Accelerators, click Add-ons and choose ‘Filter by type’, Accelerators. Click Bing Translator, ‘Add to Internet Explorer’. If you’re not keen to update to IE10, grab the add-on from

Get instant restaurant recommendations

Rather than hunting through TripAdvisor or a restaurant review site for a place to eat, you can get instant recommendations from your friends. A new Bing tool shows your friends’ Facebook likes and recommendations whenever you search for restaurants, bars and shops. Install the Bing Bar ( and click Yes to the option to share Facebook details to get in-browser recommendation alerts from friends.

Install the Bing Bar

Install the Bing Bar

Keep tabs on secret trackers

The London School of Economics is so concerned about people’s privacy being abused when they search that it’s built an app for Bing to keep tabs on what’s tracking you online. To install it, click the Tracking Pruteclion Lists option at and choose Privacy Online, Add.

Quickly find eBay bargains

You can add dedicated site search tools to IE via the browser’s Add-ons, ‘Search providers’ option. Amazon, eBay and Tesco have their own add-ons.

Use the Bing Sidebar

Bing Sidebar provides useful details such as flight arrival times and price lists when you search for ‘airport car parking’. The idea is that the main search results page is left uncluttered, but you get snapshots of related information without having to perform an additional search. It’s US-only at present, but should eventually come to the UK.

Use Bing to search locally

Bing Desktop ( lets you search directly from within Windows. It can be run as a search box on the Desktop, embedded in the Windows Taskbar, or as a shortcut in the Notification A183. Click the cog icon to specify these options.

Delve deeper into the web

Ask Everything

To get lots of detail about one place or subject use Ask ( Type a place name, for example, and you’ll see travel options, climate and population details, photos, links to festivals and things to do, and posts that other people have created – along with the most useful responses. Click the Everything tab for an overview, Reference to see more web links and statistics, and Images, YouTube or Videos to see what the place looks like and recent video uploads.

Ask search

Ask search

Use Yahoo and Bing plugins

Yahoo Axis provides graphical snapshots of the most relevant pages related to your search queries. Get the toolbar plug-in for Chrome, Internet Explore and Firefox at

Explore the deep web

The main search engines are helpful for general queries, but most online content is hidden. This could be because there are no links to the page, the site is hidden behind a login or its location constantly changes. Most such content is academic. Use Google Scholar ( to find results in scientific and legal databases.

Discover Google’s hidden search results

Google only ever shows you some results, but it’s perfectly legal to take a look at the results it doesn’t show you. Go to the Google Public DNS at to see the unfiltered results.

Get scientific answers

There’s a catalogue of specialized search engines and searchable content databases at One of the most useful is Wolfram Alpha ( Scientific queries and statistics are its specialty, so a search for the cost of petrol in France returns results comparing fuel types, rather than a list of prices for unleaded fuel. Creating a free Wolfram Alpha ID lets you set preferences for currency, weight and more.

Zanran ( also provides data and statistics, answering queries such as ‘growth Panama Canal’ with tables of shipping movements. You must register for free to view the results.

Zanran search

Zanran search

Search by image

All the main search engines have a section to search for Images. At Flickr ( you’ll find many thousands of photos that can be used non-commercially under the Creative Commons Licence. You can also identify, tag and describe archive photos here.

Find historic photos

Use History Pin ( to search for historic photos of a town or region. The site presents photos on a map so you click an image to view photo details and its historic context.

Find out who owns an image

Search at TinEye ( for details of who owns an image on the web. The reverse search engine helps uncover the original image source, ensuring you can get permission and credit it properly.

Find films in any format

At you can browse through catalogues of films regardless of whether they made it on to DVD or even VHS. The site then provides a list of places to buy or rent the film.

Findanyfilm search

Findanyfilm search

Get news as it happens

Twitter ( often ‘breaks’ news stories, but it isn’t always the most reliable resource, as far-fetched tales circulating during 2011’s riots proved. To use Twitter to get details of a story as it develops, go to Include a hashtag (#) to focus results on an event.

Get the official line

Many news stories come from agencies such as Reuters ( and Associated Press ( Press releases, government statements and international news will be covered at both these sites and will include links to where the information originated.

Get the most from private search tools

The main browsers have private surfing modes and ad-blockers, but they don’t stop you leaving a trail. AVG’s Do Not Track browser add-on lets you block trackers ( You can also use the free Privacyfix browser extension (

Privacyfix browser

Privacyfix browser

Search anonymously

Type a search query at to strip identifying information from your search before submitting it to Google. Under the search bar is an option to add Start Page to your browser. IE, Chrome and Firefox browser add-ons are all available. Ixquick ( does the same using multiple search engines. Neither records data, and both have proxy servers so you can anonymously visit any site in the results.

Use other people’s search results

DuckDuckGo ( combines third-party information and its own web analysis with ‘crowd-sourced’ data from sites such as Wikipedia. It doesn’t collect or share any personal information which means that you aren’t presented with friends’ ‘Likes’ or items you’ve seen before.

Use DuckDuckGo ibangs

To search only within a site type ibang! then the site name and your search term. This is useful for sites that are not well-indexed or have lots of data.

Slick, subject-based searches

Blekko ( uses similar information-gathering methods to DuckDuckGo. Use the site’s ‘slashtags’ feature to specify the type of result you’re interested in. For example, type ‘Shins/health’ to get health-related information. Blekko gathers tracking data, but this can be disabled in its privacy settings.

Blekko search

Blekko search

Get a quick calculation

At you’ll find lots of statistics, facts and conversions. For instant definitions, just type a word into the search box.


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