Cooler Master CM Storm Sirus 5.1

4/19/2012 3:11:07 PM

Description: Cooler Master CM Storm Sirus 5.1

5 stars

Price: $129.99

In recent years, we have seen countless 5.1 headphones, which uses multiple speakers in each earpiece to give you real surround sound for games and movies with 5.1 background music. To catch up with specialized surround sound headphones, CM Storm Sirus 5.1 of Cooler Master has an external USB sound card. It connects to PC through two PC cables; it is a device consumes energy, so it needs more connections. We are pleased that unlike some audio equipment, which requires the second USD connection for power, there is no annoying sound in the background by the circuit system.

Headphone and audio processor seem fat and short. The headphone reminds us of virtual surround sound model 777 of Plantronics with thick plastic headband and tough earpiece. However, there are quite thick pads on two earpieces, and the headset doesn’t become uncomfortable during long game session which lasts 3 hours, despite its weight. It is suitable for different head sizes and although it grips your head with small scale of motion in each earpiece, it is easy to carry, even on glasses.

Audio processing unit is like a ball hockey on the ice, with a volume knob, mute buttons, two USB connectors appear in this side and a male DIN plug at the other side. All you have to do is connecting the headphone with DIN plug and you are ready. Headset cable length is 1.3m and you have a 3.5 cable if you connect to USB audio processor. If you have a high-level USB sound card and want to use its analogue surround sound output, you can connect the headset to equipped adaptor analogue, which contains 4 jack plugs and a USB connector to meet power demand of the headset. In general, we recommend using USB sound card of the headset, especially if all you get is audio of the mother board.

In the game, sound effects are amazing. We have compared it with the capacity of handling virtual surround sound through good stereo headphones, and suddenly we are sunk in a world of different sound. Voices of characters around us are arranged correctly, and we are aware of sound alarming that monsters are coming. This precise oriented sound also provides an obvious advantage in multiplayer games, because you can hear exactly where the enemy is firing. We are pleased to see that in designed sound of games we checked, the music is maintained in the background, not affected by the unwanted direction.

The clarity of sound is extraordinary, especially in the human voice, while the sound effect – particularly the explosion sound – benefits from the powerful bass of headphones. Surround sound in films has all the same advantages, though the weight and size of the headset make it become less convenient if you want to lie down and relax. Even stereo sound is quite good, with clear wide sound field such as bass and treble, though average pitch is not apparent in complex track. Noise reduction microphone works well for the communication in games. There is no excessive background noise or any sound causing the distraction.

Sirus 5.1 sounds better than any virtual surround sound systems and it is excellent for hardcore gamer, though stereo music is thought to be late. Headset, despite heavy weight, is still comfortable for long periods of wearing. However, it is the specialized product and the price is too high for normal users. If you want the primary oriented sound for games, it is great but most users will appreciate the lower price and higher flexibility of a virtual surround sound headset 777 of Plantronics.


Verdict. In spite of the high price, CM Storm Sirus 5.1 is our favorite headset to get real surround sound.

Headset. 2 USB, 350cm cable, one year RTB warranty.



How can I listen to my music collection when I’m far away from home?

There are several ways for you to access your music when you are moving. We prefer to use online storage and synchronization services to transfer easily. It helps you escape the trouble of setting of a server at home and making it accessible outside your home network by configuring the firewall of the router.

Our favorite services are Ubuntu One ( and SugarSync ( Unfortunately, there is no service providing free streaming, but both of them have monthly subscription less than $9/month and allow you to select your files to listen from any computers. Ubuntu One gives you 20GB for USD3.99 while SugarSync costs USD4.99 for 30GB.

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