Google Project Glass Makes The World Smarter

8/3/2012 11:46:29 AM

Google has introduced 1 model about how AR glass looks like

Google is carrying on a headset that promises to release the potential of augmented reality (AR), which uses technology to overlap data on real-time images. Up to now, AR has been limited to smartphones, whose cameras are used to point at something, and the mobile device using GPSS and internet to trace and spread the information on the screens. Google hopes to overcome this with its headset Project Glass.

Project Glass is designed as a head-ups display (HUD) for your life by displaying alerts, emails and other information on the screen. The project is at the first step but Google X (a confidential department of Google specializes in future plans) has unveiled a lot of model images about how it works.

Unlike other designs for AR glasses, formerly covering the whole eyes and using a video camera to display what are in front of users’ face, Project Glass has a small screen on the right so that the normal vision is not affected.

Description: Project Glass has a small screen on the right so that the normal vision is not affected

Project Glass has a small screen on the right so that the normal vision is not affected

Google X has unveiled an advertising video as well (available at manipulates how the glasses are used. It presents users using built-in SMS and social network to stay in touch with friends.

The video also presents a user watching sky out of the windows, which originally makes the weather notification appear; meanwhile the installed Google Maps can help them to find a location or even paths in a bookstore. Google Latitude can help you to find friends that you are going to meet; and by interacting with an affiche, it can help you to reserve a ticket for a concert or movie. 

“We think that technology will work for you – it will be there when you need, and disappear if you do not” – said the Project Glass on Google+. “A group of us from Google (x) has started Project Glass to build this kind of technology which supports you to discover and share your world, and bring you back just in seconds. 

Up to now, there is no precise information about how the technology works although the illustrating video uses a mix of voice input and things like actions – from the eyes for sure – to choose the icons and navigate menu. 

There is not any information about the release day or price, but it is an interesting view about the way we soon interact with surrounding world.

Top ten apps for Project Glass

Although video Project Glass of Google presents some examples about provided technology, we think there are a lot of potentials and creativeness from it. The brief summaries about what we want to see are as follows:

1.    Game AR

Description: The gaming possibilities enhanced by AR are high

The gaming possibilities enhanced by AR are high

Playing AR games is familiar to us, thanks to games such as Zombies, Run! ( - a fitness game based on sounds in which you have to get rid of zombies. Head-ups display can provide with more impressive interaction experiences, and with good mobile connection, we can take first-person game out.

The gaming possibilities enhanced by AR are high. With head-ups display, you can carry out the treasure trip with geographical-based signals, or a virtual tag around. 

Best of all, you will always know who is winning, and there is no dispute about who caught who.

2.    Wireframe X-ray vision

The city may be scary. Towers of concrete and glasses surrounds you, making you small, ordinary and scared – or get lost. What you need is to find the way to get rid of city nightmares and know where you are going.

X-ray vision of Google Glass uses the data from Street View and Maps and geographical information from British Maps Agency to create a wire-frame map of city. With the maps shown in front of your eyes, you can travel from this side to another without any of that chaotic block of concrete. Suddenly, the city looks easy to manage and navigate. 

The future update may include underground maps and municipal facilities tunnel.

3.    Dirty-restaurant notification!

Description: If you need to eat in an unknown city, and you only need some cheap fast-food, it can be a lottery

If you need to eat in an unknown city, and you only need some cheap fast-food, it can be a lottery

If you need to eat in an unknown city, and you only need some cheap fast-food, it can be a lottery – and we do not mention quality only. We have the latest rankings from Food Standards Agency appear in front of our eyes right before entering a BBQ restaurant. It is not more delicious always, but at least, it is much safer.

4.    Keep track of real-time achievement

Description: Instead of jogging outsides with dozens of equipment, all you need to do is putting on some sensors

Instead of jogging outsides with dozens of equipment, all you need to do is putting on some sensors

We are accustomed to watching the statistics on the screen while playing to see how much blood and bullets left in latest FPS games. However, the sport-favored keep track of their achievements through screens which display heartbeats, steps and other GPS units.

Instead of jogging outsides with dozens of equipment, all you need to do is putting on some sensors and letting Project present you your heartbeats, elevation, speed, distance travelled and anything else. However, we want the longer battery life than what we had from Motoactv of Motorola.

5.    Face detection

Description: Face detection

Face detection

A smart help for absent-minded people is the face detection apps which finds any faces it has ever seen plus a label with their names over their heads, even more details about the place where you met them for the first time. It is ideal for commercial exhibitions or press meetings, and it will decrease the walking around with the stupid name cards which you always forget to take off before getting on public transport. You can also present other chosen names, such as Gamer label or the fake name you chose for Google+. 

6.    Instruction materials in a glance

Being an owner of filled-with-oil bike repair materials, there are times we really wish to look at the material without handling anything. The ability of appearing on screen while working will help you be free with your hands and make the materials clean. Admittedly, such an app will work well if you are holding components while building a PC or your hands are covered with baking power during baking.   

7.    Instant event information

You have missed the latest show? Forget to do something? An app you will find in any AR system for sure is the list of movies and events that you can make them appear whenever passing by a location; and the trailer that you can run by looking at movie poster. We do like a relevant app letting us know which beer party is available locally.  

Of course, spam mails can be troubles. Instead of brochures, people who you see outside of every music show can publicly share information about events that they are hired to advertise, having them appear directly on your screen. We miss the flyers on the bedroom wall, but sometimes, it is good to know that we are not 17 years old any longer.

8.    Myth abandon

Although Google Glass is a visual aid tool, nothing can prevent Google from adding sound technology to record talks around you. It can keep track of the detailed key words – CIA and Twin Tower or Protocols of the Elders of Zion for example – and at once, a relevant article from website Snopes, or a Wikipedia one will appear. It enables you to refuse the urban myths and other misconceptions, thus reducing the idiots in the world.   

9.    Telling the ambulance your location

Description: Telling the ambulance your location

Telling the ambulance your location

If you are wonder in streets with bunches of information coming into your eyes, it is sure that it will not take long before you fall or getting lost to a dark and dirty close.

It may be your fault because of not paying attention but it will not cost that much. In this case, every AR has an option of calling the ambulance so that you can let the driver where exactly you are and what happens to you.

10.  Life history

Description: Replace the modern English shops with previous-century stores

Replace the modern English shops with previous-century stores

Ever wonder what happened to that giant factory or Jacobean palace before it was turned into luxury apartments? You are not alone. We need another AR app which enables you to virtually walk around local avenues, and replace the modern English shops with previous-century stores.  

What is even better is another app which re-enacts scenes from historical events that happened in a special venue, and spreads these scenes in front of your faces. Let’s follow Pippa Middleton along the Westminster Abbey or watch the death-sentenced criminals in their rope at Tyburn. Forget Modern War Fair 3, it is just entertainment.    

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