The Revolution Of Visual Resolution (Part 1) - AG Neovo U-23, AOC i2352Vh, Asus PA238Q

7/31/2012 4:58:08 PM

New cheap IPS screens have come to bring various colors and deep contrast to the mid-class market. The 18 following models are starting at $154 and on way up to 3D 27inch.

AG Neovo U-23

Ratings: 2/5

Price: $310



AG Neovo U-23

The 23-inch screen comes with Full HD 1,920x1,080 resolution, many connectors and one USB pass-through port.  Unlike most TV, this screen is glass-made, which is not suitable for clerical condition due to the above light source yet it highlights the model’s best points.

Not too hard, it suits preserved environment like home with kids.

The colors are not much accurate. Our color-meter measures U-23 at 88% accuracy in RGB standard. Green and blue aren’t right. Bad saturation makes a pale tone so the model is not ideal for movies. Most tested images seem lacked of vitality as if it is overcast. For example, Bahamas scene in Casino Royal looks uninspiring, losing the Caribbean sunset’s coziness.

To fix the problem, you can reconfigure the setting or try with U-23’s menu. It uses basic touch navigation arrows instead of symbols. This method appears unfriendly at first sight. For instance, up/down arrow opens the menu, and then right arrow selects 1 item while an unfamiliar windmill symbol brings you back a level.

The menu is quite simple. You only have these options: brightness, contrast and color temperature. The latter offers 5400K, 6500K, 9300K or user setting and allows you to adjust red, blue and green. We found it difficult to obtain the same result by changing those values manually. However, with 150 red, 140 green and 135 blue, we manage to get an approximate output.

The matter is that the TV costs $310 and we don’t know why. Parents may feel more secure knowing that their kids are unable to poke through the screen with their fingers yet it’s not more energy-saving than other LED screens and the visual quality isn’t today’s IPS ones. Panasonic’s VX2336s-LED monitor has great image quality and only costs $187. Buy it and keep the children at a safe distance.


Consideration: The glass screen makes it more enduring most TN monitors but IPS ones are cheaper.

23-inch LED wide-angle screen: 1,920x1,080 resolution; connectors support VGA, DVI, HDMI; 3.5mm jack port; 1-port USB 2.0 hub; headphone output

AOC i2352Vh

Ratings: 5/5

Price: $211



AOC i2352Vh

AOC i2352Vh owns an IPS screen with Full HD resolution, VGA, DVI and HDMI input. The design is plainer than AOC’s previous IPS monitor: i2353Fh. The gray cover is plastic-made, smooth and anti-reflective, with gently curved bezels at top and bottom.

Its matt finish makes the colors dull and it means blacks aren’t as deep as they could be. However, produced images have pretty good quality and adequate blacks.

AOC’s menu run along the screen’s bottom and it’s a bit annoying. It’s slow but provides many options: 3 colors temperature with sRGB, 3 gamma levels and other selection for dynamic contrast and dynamic color boost (DCB). Dynamic contrast doesn’t affect much but DCB does a lot. You can apply it to enhance particular colors or all of them, which exactly boosts single color. It’s great if you want to improve an image with faded colors but for photographic work, we recommend you to turn it off for more correct colors.

Auto-detect mode seems functioning like dynamic contrast, it makes changes distracting brightness but it’s helpless in dark scenes. In Crysis’s dark scenes, it worked as night vision goggles, increasing brightness and eliminating shadows unless we faced towards shadow, under this circumstance it will darken the entire scene. That 5ms (grey-to-grey) response time means there’s no problem in motion.

I2352Vh can be wall-mounted thanks to VESA points on case’s back. Nevertheless, because the ports are on the back too, you must need more space. Integrated speakers sound weak. Beside video inputs, i2352Vh is also equipped with a 3.5mm audio port. It can support you in case you want to enjoy separate speakers while VGA or DVI port is used. IN addition, i2352Vh has an output for 3.5mm headphone.

If HDMI port is not in your demand, VX2336S-LED of Viewsonic is more value-for-money. However, i2352Vh comes with a 3-year guarantee, and repair or replacement is available so it wins our Best Buy award.


Consideration: Natural image, good viewing angle 3-year, repair-or-replace warranty all makes i2352Vh wonderful.

23-inch LED wide-angle screen: 1,920x1,080 pixel resolution; inputs for VGA, DVI, HDMI; 3.5mm audio and headphone output.

Asus PA238Q

Ratings: 4/5

Price: $340


Description: J:\Online\2012\07\25.07_Sohoa_Eva_TT\HTML\Tech_Multimedia_Vision_The_Revolution_Of_Visual_Resolution_(Part_1)_files\image003.png

Asus PA238Q

With completely adjustable stand, various inputs, 4-port USB hub, IPS screen, PA238Q of Asus is a considerable kit. Asus has claimed a 100% sRGB palette and our test proves that PA238Q achieves at a very close result. The IPS screen’s response time is improved and the design will appeal to lots of gamers.

There’s not much adjustment in PA238Q to receive accurate colors. The configuration process dims the display a little but the brand’s 98% sRGB claim is still remarkable. Its comprehensive menu system allows you to change the colors, saturation for 3 primary colors with cyan, magenta and yellow as well as RGB gain and offset.

Visual quality is excellent though in backlight there’s some bleed, which appears like fainted blue gleam in black areas. The images, in fact, really come to life when there’s numerous colors used. In Casino Royal, Caribbean scenes are filled with warmth while no detail is lost in darker scenes.

There’re notches inside the bezel’s edges, just like a ruler, bringing the monitor a technical look. A triangular cross section in the support enables the model to do a 10cm vertical movement or switch to portrait mode.

It’s very surprisingly slim according to the number of input ports and suitable for wall-mounting because of all port are either downwards or sideways. There’s no speaker but this’s not big loss. You can connect headphones to enjoy through HDMI or DisplayPort audio. Having either of the inputs is really a bonus and DisplayPort is very useful for setting up a multi-monitor AMD Eyefinity.

1 year ago, PA238Q was a big deal but if you don’t want an adjustable stand, USB hub or DisplayPort input, VX2336s-LED of ViewSonic offers you an accurate IPS screen at only $188.


Consideration: PA238Q has great color accuracy, fully adjustable stand and various inputs (payment is required).
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