Samsung HMX-H400 Black : More Than Just Taking Snapshots

9/12/2012 6:46:32 PM

If you're looking for a dedicated device...

These days, what with the exceptional abilities of stills cameras in becoming more than just devices for taking snapshots, the wiggle room afforded video recorders is lessened. We’re talking dedicated video recorders here, of course, and not the high end motion picture cameras that industry types use. Rather, we’re talking about what could be called a ‘handy-cam’; those small, easy-to-use video recorders that fit snugly into the palm of your hand. Competition in this arena is external... stills cameras can produce excellent video too, these days, and can many mobile phone handsets. To survive as a concept, personal video recorders need to bring more to the table. As they get squeezed into a more niche market, they need to do more to retain their relevance.

Description: Samsung HMX-H400 Black

Samsung HMX-H400 Black

Armed with a Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan HD lens, the Samsung HMX-H400 manages to set itself apart in the market, at very least when compared to video recorded by stills cameras and cell phones. This diminutive recorder can produce full HD video, which is really rather good considering its size. It also comes armed with a host of facilities and extra options that focus it on making videos, distinguishing it further from the more multifunctional devices that are so popular these days.

With 45x digital zoom and optical image stabilising, it is fairly easy to produce rather good quality videos with this camcorder. This is heightened by features like improved low light performance thanks to the BSI 5 megapixel CMOS, and a fairly long 3 hour battery life. There are also built in software applications for digital effects, fades and a few other features. It even allows for time lapse recording.

The three inch wide LCD folds out and can be positioned in a variety of ways. It also doubles as the main control panel, thanks to its touch screen functionality. Behind it, there are a few simple controls, which activate the image stabilisation and so forth.

The record button is comfortably placed at the rear of the camera, while zoom and photo controls are also within easy reach. The SD card slot and HDMI output ports are also sensibly placed, and are easy to get to. In fact, pretty much everything about this camcorder is easy. Even charging takes place via a USB cable plugged directly into the camera, as opposed to slotting the battery into an external charger.

As a vdeo recorder, this is a more than decent option.

But one does need to take various aspects into account when making purchasing choices. If you specifically want a video recorder, great. But if you want to record video and record still images, a multifunctional sill camera would be a better bet.

Description: Samsung HMX-H400 Black

At a glance

Summary: As a dedicated video recorder, it does its job well...

Tech Specs: Full HD, Stereo, 3 inch wide screen, SC compatible, 3 hour batter life , Image stabilization, Image stabilization

Manufacturer: Samsung

Distributer: Samsung


RRP: R2 999

Pros: Small and light, HD video, Good battery life

Cons: Not a great multifunction device


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