How To Get Rid Of Babylon Toolbar?

10/25/2012 9:17:38 AM

My PC has been infested by the Babylon Toolbar. It came with a demo I installed and I accidentally forgot to unstick the necessary box to avoid installing it. Now it's there, and my virus scanner won't even delete it. Do you have instructions for getting rid of it?

Description: The Babylon Toolbar

The Babylon Toolbar

The Babylon Toolbar has recently become quite popular, so I assume you're not going to be the only person with this problem. Don't feel too bad about getting tricked - the Babylon installer doesn't actually have a cancel or close button (at least, not one that works...), so by the time you get to that point, it's too late to remove it. You're in luck, though, because I do have some simple removal instructions that will help you rid your PC of it post-installation.

The first is to uninstall the toolbar program itself. The reason your virus scanner can't do this for you is because technically, it isn't a virus. It's adware, and more than that, it's legitimate - at least, as far as any piece of adware can be. Luckily, this means you can remove it by going to 'Control Panel' > 'Programs and Features and removing both 'Babylon Toolbar on IE' and ‘Babylon Objectlnstaller'.

Description: To Remove Babylon Toolbar on IE: 'Control Panel' > 'Programs and Features and removing both 'Babylon Toolbar on IE' and ‘Babylon Objectlnstaller'.

To Remove Babylon Toolbar on IE: 'Control Panel' > 'Programs and Features and removing both 'Babylon Toolbar on IE' and ‘Babylon Objectlnstaller'.

Simple enough, flowerers, this will only get rid of the software, and won't fix the settings it also modified. The Babylon Search page will still be your home page and browser search provider, for example, so that's the next thing you have to revert. Exact instructions depend on what browser you're using, but I have directions for the three most popular ones:

Instructions for Internet Explorer 9

1.    Run Internet Explorer, click 'tools' (or press Alt+X) and select 'Internet Options'.

2.    Under the 'Home Page' heading, dick 'Use blank', 'Use Default' or enter your preferred start page. Click 'OK'.

3.    Select the tools menu again, and this time clicks 'Manage Add-Ons'.

4.    On the left, select ‘Search Providers' to bring up a list of search providers on the right.

5.    Select the provider you want to use (i.e. Bing/Google/Yahoo) and click 'Set as Default'

6.    Finally, select 'Search the Web (Babylon)' and click 'Remove' to delete it.

Instructions for Firefox

1.    Run Firefox and press Ctrl+Shift+A to bring up the add-ons manager.

2.    In the extensions tab, click 'Remove' next to Babylon to delete the plug-in.

3.    Exit the add-on manager and click 'Firefox' > 'Options' > 'Options'. Select the 'General' tab.

4.    Under the 'Startup' heading, click 'Restore to Default', or enter the home page of your choice. Click 'OK'.

5.    Now click the icon at the left of the search box (top right) to see a list of installed search engines and choose 'Manage Search Engines' at the bottom of the list.

6.    Select 'Search the Web (Babylon)' in the list and click 'Remove'. Then 'OK'.

7.    Now, the hard bit: type 'aboutxonfig' in the address bar and agree to the warning.

8.    Type 'Babylon' into the search box. Find the following entries, right-click on them and select 'reset':

·         browser.babylon.HPOnNewTab

·         browser.newtab.url




·         keyword.URL

·         Restart Firefox. Babylon should be gone for good

Instructions for Chrome

1.    Run Chrome, click the 'Customize and Control' icon (the wrench in the top right) and choose 'Settings'.

2.    Beneath the 'On Startup' heading, find the option 'Open a specific page or set of pages' and click 'Set pages'.

3.    In the window that opens, click the 'X' on the far right of 'Babylon Search' to delete it from the start-up sequence, then close this tab.

4.    Click on the wrench icon and choose 'Settings' again. This time, look for the heading 'Appearance'. Beneath the 'Show Home Button' option you should see the Babylon URL. On the far right, click 'Change'.

5.    Choose the home page you want (default is 'Use the New Tab page'). Again, save the option and close the window.

6.    Select 'Wrench' > 'Settings' one final time. In the settings window, look for the 'Search' heading.

7.    Change the search engine back to Google (or your preferred choice)' then click on 'Manage Search Engines'.

8.    Beneath 'Default search settings' find the entry for 'Search the web (Babylon)' and click the 'X' at the far right to delete it. If you want, you can also dick 'Make Default' next to your preferred choice.

Hopefully, following these instructions will rid you of the Babylon Toolbar - and with a little tweaking where appropriate, they should also apply to any other adware toolbar tool.

 “The Babylon installer doesn’t actually have a cancel or close button”


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